News Singapore's Lord Voldemort Gets Jailed after Extorting Former Clients

Singapore’s Lord Voldemort Gets Jailed after Extorting Former Clients


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Bitcoin Lord VoldemortA previous insurance specialist in Singapore was condemned to two years and five months in prison for undermining customers with letters as “Lord Voldemort”, the antagonist of the Harry Potter series.

The court found that 36-year-old Myanmar national and Singapore permanent resident Ye Lin Myint had sent compromising letters to 33 previous and potential customers in requital for dismissing his business. In the letters, Ye requested that the clients send him one Bitcoin each, which was worth somewhere in the range of SG$6,500 and SG$9,900 at the time.

Ye, a previous agent for Prudential, directed customers that did not appear for booked gatherings, dropped their insurance policies with him, or rejected his attempts to close the deal outright.

In July 2017, Ye utilized his wife’s PC to make an email address through a Switzerland-based administration that did not require specific individual data. He, at that point, made a Bitcoin wallet under the name “Lord Voldemort” and started sending the undermining letters and messages.

“For the past few months, I have been monitoring you and your wife and I know everything about you and your family. I know where you live, where you work,” one of the emails read.“I can make your life total humiliated and miserable in your Myanmar community. I can make you become jobless. I can even physically harm you and your wife and your parents if I want to.”

The Singapore Police Force and Nee Soon MP Lee Bee Wah issued warnings cautioning clients not to react to the letters and messages from “Lord Voldemort.” Altogether, he focused on 33 individuals in tireless, constant, and supported crusade of badgering, as indicated by court records.

He was given a correctional facility term of two years and five months subsequent to confessing to criminal terrorizing and provocation. He is out on bail and will begin his sentence in February. Police followed him down after his exploited people raised the caution. None of the exploited people exchanged any bitcoin to him.

Preceding the occasions, his unfortunate casualties were individuals he felt had treated him gravely by either turning up late, dropping insurance arrangements and by verging on closing him as an agent but in the end using another operator or organization.

These experiences and work issues obviously put a dull spell on him. The investigator for the case stated,

“This is by far one of the worst cases of harassment prosecuted under the Protection from Harassment Act,” and with troubling messages like, “Do you really want to stay stressful not knowing whether (your daughter) will be safe or not” –  it is not hard to see that this assessment is unfair.

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