Play Your Way to Bitcoin Riches with THNDR’s Latest Game: Bitcoin Blocks

THNDR's Play-to-Earn Game Combines Tetris and Sudoku for a Chance to Win Bitcoin and More

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There is nothing like earning a few bitcoin satoshis (sats) by playing video games.

This is the spirit that has been driving THNDR, a company that creates video games that allow you to earn bitcoin, for years. Yesterday they launched one of these, inspired by two all-time classics.

Through its networks, THNDR spread the news about the launch of Bitcoin Blocks, which is available for download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

The play-to-earn (p2e), or play-to-win, game is completely free (which is why it is also known as free-to-earn).

Bicoin Blocks is a puzzle that combines the style of Tetris with Sudoku, as it is played in 9X9 grid. It requires logic and strategy skills. Points are obtained when rows and columns are cleared, but if all the grids are filled with blocks, the game is over.

This puzzle allows you to accumulate points redeemable for bitcoins and tickets to participate in sweepstakes, every hour to win more BTC.

All bitcoin satoshis that people earn can be withdrawn through a Lightning network wallet. THNDR promotes the use of this second-layer network that enables faster and cheaper payments with BTC.

In addition, THNDR is powering a league on Nostr, a protocol that allows for the creation of and participation in decentralized social networks, to connect players and encourage competition.

Through THNDR’s league on Nostr, players can earn badges that will allow them to build a reputation among opponents. These badges can be transferred to any Nostr client or ecosystem.

In September last year, THNDR launched Club Bitcoin: Solitaire, as reported by CryptoNews. This video game reminds us of the classic card game Solitaire, which was born in Windows 95. It’s easy, just draw cards from a deck and arrange them in sequence from ace to king, until there are no cards left.

THNDR currently has 5 games that allow you to win bitcoin. Most of these video games are inspired by a classic game and can be played from a cell phone.

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