New US bill deems crypto transactions under $50 tax-free

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How can you make crypto payments as attractive as possible? Two US senators think tax-free transactions could help in this regard. Senator Patrick Toomey and Kyrsten Sinema have introduced a bill to exempt crypto transactions under $50 from taxation.

The United States is currently still in the process of regulating the crypto market, but it is moving a little too slowly for some senators. A bill has therefore been introduced by Toomey and Sinema that would allow small transactions to be tax-free.

This is how crypto becomes an easy means of payment

The proposal called “Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act” should ensure that crypto adoption improves, reports CoinDesk today. It is the task of to help the residents of the U.S. with this, to make the use of cryptocurrencies easier. Because who hasn’t heard this before: ‘yes but you can’t pay with bitcoin anywhere’.

In this way, for example, one can easily pay for small groceries with crypto and innovation and other developments are also empowered. If it becomes just as easy (or even easier) for everyone to make a payment via bitcoin, it increases the possibilities for adoption in the US.

Taxes get in the way

Senator Toomey is a big supporter of making crypto as easy as possible for the public. But there are some things that need to happen for that to happen. “While digital currencies have the potential to become a regular part of Americans’ daily lives, our current tax code stands in the way,” the senator said.

Notably, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – the U.S. federal tax agency – has a tough stance on crypto. They state that any capital gains or losses must be declared. This is obviously a no-go for the two senators who introduced this bill.

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