Judge Concludes Discovery Phase in Binance vs. SEC Case

Court orders Binance and SEC to submit a joint procedural plan by July 29.

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  • Judge Amy Berman Jackson has ended the discovery phase in the Binance vs. SEC lawsuit.
  • Both parties must submit a joint plan by July 29, outlining next procedural steps.
  • The court dismissed SEC claims that BUSD, Simple Earn, and secondary sales of BNB were securities.
  • The decision aligns with previous rulings, including the Mango Markets lawsuit.
  • Binance’s native token, BNB, saw a price increase of over 2% following the ruling.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson has issued several minute orders, effectively concluding the discovery phase in the high-profile lawsuit between Binance and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

This development requires both parties to submit a joint plan by July 29, detailing subsequent procedural actions.

The joint plan must include deadlines for potential amendments to the complaint or requests for relief.

These amendments could result from recent rulings, including the judge’s decision to dismiss claims related to Binance’s offerings like BUSD, Simple Earn, and secondary sales of BNB. Additionally, the parties must decide if further discovery processes are needed.

Dismissed Claims

Binance Logo holding a sword in a court room

In a significant ruling, the court dismissed SEC claims that certain Binance offerings violated securities laws.

Specifically, the court found that secondary sales of BNB and the issuance of BUSD did not qualify as securities under current laws.

This decision aligns with previous judgments, such as the Mango Markets lawsuit, which contradicted the SEC’s stance on the nature of stablecoins.

The judge’s ruling that BUSD is not classified as a security was based on filings by the US Department of Justice in the Mango Markets case.

These filings contradicted the SEC’s position that BUSD and other stablecoins are unregistered securities.

Market Reaction

Following this partial legal victory for Binance, optimism surged within the cryptocurrency market. The price of BNB, Binance’s native token, saw an immediate boost of over 2%, trading around $527.80. The 24-hour trading range for BNB showed a low of $511.84 and a peak at $528.27, reflecting positive market sentiment.

Despite the dismissal of some of the SEC’s claims, Binance remains cautious. The crypto exchange is preparing for the next phases of litigation, with an eye on further judicial proceedings that could impact its business operations and regulatory standing. The outcome of additional motions and relief requests will be critical in shaping the future landscape for Binance and similar entities in the crypto space.

Future Implications

Binance’s partial victory has fueled positive sentiment in the crypto market as the judge indirectly sided with Judge Torres’ doctrine on crypto secondary sales and programmatic sales.

The court ruled that crypto tokens are not securities and that sales of BNB on secondary exchanges were not sufficiently alleged to be securities.

The decision on BUSD further solidifies this stance, as it is based on US DOJ filings that contradicted the SEC’s position.

Binance’s vigilance in preparing for future legal battles indicates the ongoing challenges the crypto exchange faces. The company’s regulatory standing and business operations hang in the balance as the lawsuit progresses.


Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s recent orders mark a significant milestone in the Binance vs. SEC lawsuit, concluding the discovery phase and setting the stage for the next procedural steps.

Both parties must now submit a joint plan by July 29, outlining deadlines and potential amendments.

The court’s dismissal of SEC claims regarding BUSD, Simple Earn, and secondary sales of BNB aligns with previous rulings and has sparked optimism in the cryptocurrency market.

With BNB’s price seeing an immediate boost, Binance prepares for the next phases of litigation, aiming to navigate the complex regulatory landscape that lies ahead.


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