Is BitcoinFuture Able to Predict the Future of Bitcoin? [OR IS IT NOT?!]

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There is no denying the fact that A.I. and robotics have become an increasingly common phenomenon especially in the currency trading space; be it cryptocurrency or forex. However, there shall still be huge risk involved when you try to switch from the conventional manual trading approaches to automated trades.

In this article, we’ll see whether or not BitcoinFuture is able to predict the future of Bitcoin? But, before getting started, first let’s have a look at what BitcoinFuture basically is.

What is BitcoinFuture?

Bitcoin Future is a comprehensive platform designed specifically for trading. This product has earned tremendous fame and popularity in the recent times. In fact, if you review their homepage, you’ll come to know that this software has made many traders earn lots of money. The main advantage of this trading bot is that it can automatically identify the trends, read the news and collect relevant data from the crypto market. In addition to that, it also recognizes the best opportunities to invest without needing the trader to assess or analyze anything.

Is Bitcoin Future Able to Predict the Future of Bitcoin?

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As far as BitcoinFuture is concerned, it is publicized as an all-inclusive trading app. This software doesn’t need users to spend a lot of time on handling trading tasks as it is able to handle most of the work on its own.

If you check their official website, you’ll come to know that making money from crypto trading is fairly simple. In fact, anyone can earn up to $1,300 on a daily basis if they invest in BitcoinFuture App for their trades. Sounds amazing, right? Also, their website claims that you can earn all this profit for free. Yes, you heard it right. You can use robot for free and earn more than 1,000 bucks without doing much effort.

Although, this product claims to offer a number of benefits to the crypto traders as we have discussed above, you cannot expect to become a millionaire overnight by using BitcoinFuture bot. In fact, you may end up losing your investment if you blindly invest without doing any prior research on your part.

As trading robots work on preset instructions, the margin of error associated with them is relevantly low. Also, as they are able to work 24/7, meaning they can seize every opportunity that crops up during this time. The best bit? Trading bots are not affected by human emotions such as fear, excitement or greed. Noticeably, these emotional factors can literally ruin your trades if not handled properly.

While crypto trading bots are good trading tools, they still can’t determine Bitcoin’s future. Why? Let’s explore!

Heavy Maintenance

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Currency markets are highly volatile and unpredictable in nature. Since, the market conditions change all the time, your input to the program should vary accordingly. This apparently means you have to constantly make changes to maintain your bot in order to get your desired results. This may result in heavy maintenance costs that you have to bear in order to achieve sustainable growth and long-term success in the crypto market.

Not Suitable for Beginners

Crypto trading is all about learning from your mistakes. As automated trading bots significantly reduce the margin of error, novice traders do not get an opportunity to learn market basics that can help them grow and excel as a professional crypto trader. Although, automated bots place transactions automatically, you still need to feed relevant instructions to get your work done. As beginners aren’t aware of the recent market trends nor they have prior experience, a bot simply fails to yield good profits without instructions of a seasoned trader. Also, trading bots are very expensive and you have to pay certain fee each month to continue using the automated services.

Strategy Barriers

The field of cryptocurrency is diversified than ever before. As trading bots cannot factor in technical analysis, market movements, price actions or other important elements, the strategy they offer could be absolutely simple. In fact, a lot of trading bots just work around simple arbitrage which is purchasing different crypto currencies to take benefit of varying prices for the similar market instrument. Although, this technique is profitable, the typical profit margin for this isn’t compelling at all.

Security Concerns

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Crypto trading bots are believed to be unsecure options because they can replicate a trader’s account information and send it to the other party. Also, bots are generally easy targets for hackers and other programming geniuses.


Due to the above-mentioned limitations, crypto trading robots can’t determine Bitcoin’s future. BitcoinFuture is a great tool that can help traders carryout their routine trading tasks with little or no human intervention at all. But, it’s also a fact that you have to play your part as an informed trader to get the most out of the automated trades.

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