How To Avoid A Sneaky Bitcoin Ad With A Fake Celebrity Endorsement

The Internet is an amazing place. Cryptocurrencies are an incredible asset. But, when you combine the two, things can go south if you're not careful.

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Add a few celebrities to the mix and soon enough you can find yourself in a pinch. It is no secret that the faces of celebrities are used to draw people into scams.

If you followed a face you recognized to the snake’s den; don’t worry you’re not the only one. What you need to learn is how to avoid BTC ads that sport fake celebrity endorsements. Let’s see how to do it. 

How To Avoid A Sneaky Bitcoin Ad With A Fake Celebrity Endorsement

Be Smart

Let’s start from your backyard. When it comes to Bitcoin and online trading you need to be smart. Investing money into a volatile asset such as digital currencies needs to be a decision you made on your own.  When it’s time to start investing your inspiration shouldn’t be a celebrity but someone from the world of business.

So, the next time you see a celebrity promoting a business or in this case, an asset they have no connection with, turn around. 

Visit Legit Websites Only

If you’re serious about getting into the world of Bitcoin and digital currencies you need to make your internet search narrower. You will not find scam ads on Forbes or The Wall Street Journal websites.

Both are great sources of trends and innovations in the crypto industry. However, if you visit websites that are in the gray area or a newly formed site you ought to encounter all sorts of ads.

The best way to avoid them is not to go into their backyard. Stick to what you know and visit only reputable websites. 

Prepare For Scam Research 

A scam can’t remain hidden for too long. No matter how many celebrity ads you see, the best way to check if they’re a scam is to research them.

The Internet is the world’s biggest database of information. When you find a celebrity ad tied to Bitcoin or a trading app you just need to type the keywords and start the search.

Focus on the currency, celebrity name, and the name of the trading platform promoted. Do not forget to add the word scam to the mix. Soon enough, if it’s not legit, you will be on their tail. The chances are someone already had the bad experience you’re being advertised. 

Our researchers have implemented this technique when investigating the “Immediate Edge” website. One of many crypto schemes being promoted by fake celebrity endorsements these days. 

Install an Ad-Block

Of course, installing this software will remove many valuable ads, thus it’s important to use it only on the website you’re not deeming fully legit. Of course, many websites across the web are living from advertisements, so you shouldn’t be using them all the time.

But, when you’re planning to do deeper research and visit a few websites that could lead you the wrong way, it is better not to see the advertisements they will try to push your way. 

Just, remember it is not possible to block all the ads with an ad-blocker, so you always have everything we said here on your mind. 

Avoid .shop and . site Domain Extensions 

Start with safe browsing. You should know that scammers often rely on these extensions. If you didn’t know .com is much more expensive than .shop or .site domain names. Once you know this you get their idea.

Scammers want to operate on more websites than one. Thus they need to spread their money around on as many websites as possible.

So if you see a celebrity ad promoting Bitcoin on any of these sites give it a second thought. It is a rabbit hole you do not want to go down. 

Report Every Scummy Ad

It is not enough just to avoid and ignore these ads. You need to take a look at the bigger picture. You’re not the only one these ads are targeting. You always have the option to report an ad to Google.

The more reports they receive the quicker their reaction will be. Google has the power to remove ads and ban entire websites. By reporting the scam you’ll be doing yourself a favor and to many other people who would fall to the scam in the future.

Also, clicking that you’re not interested in that type of ad will lower their frequency on the websites you’re visiting. 

Bottom Line

Advertisement scams are everywhere. Scammers will do anything in their power to attract innocent people to their projects. They will use a celebrity face on every case and you need to be wary of it. With the few steps we listed above you can now pay more attention to scams than ever and avoid them at every step. 

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