Hackers steal passport of Belarusian president and sell it as NFT

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A hacker group called the “Belarusian Cyber Partisans” has created a very curious NFT. Namely, the group stole the passport data of Alexander Lukashenko, the country’s president, and turned it into a Non-Fungible Token passport.

Collective claims to have all Belarusian passports

The Belarusian Cyber Partisans shared the news via Twitter, where they told that they have obtained the passport info of all Belarusians. “For the first time in human history, a hacktivist collective has obtained the passport info of ALL the country’s citizens.”

Whether this is worrisome to residents depends on the intent of this group. So far, the group seems to have Lukashenko in its sights primarily, offering his passport as NFT.

“Now we offer you the chance to be part of this history. Receive a unique digital version of Lukashenko passport as NFT,” the group explains.

They mock Lukashenko, who is behind bars on one NFT. “The dictator’s birthday is today – help us ruin it for him! Get our artwork today. A special offer: a New Belarusian passport for Lukashenko where he is behind bars. Get it sooner while he’s still alive.”

The group has clear morals and tells us that it plans to fight Belarus and Russia-which cooperate a lot. “All the money will go to our work to deal with the bloody regimes in Minsk and Moscow.” How their work will fight these regimes is not yet clear.

Can you still buy them?

In addition to the Belarusian passports, the collective has even more on offer. As seen in the tweet below, they are also selling the passports of other “traitors” to the people of Belarus and Ukraine. Only there is a chance that OpenSea has taken the passports away.

This is because the links in the tweet, which direct you to the NFT marketplace OpenSea, no longer work. If in all your curiosity you want to click on the page where these passports are on, you get a 404 message. In the tweets, the NFTs can still be seen.

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