Elon Musk wants to make Twitter a payments company and everyone asks about bitcoin

The tycoon revealed the plans he has with Twitter and seems to want to implement the project he originally had for PayPal.

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In a series of posts shared yesterday, Elon Musk reveals that among its new features Twitter will include “payments”, a word that caught the attention of the bitcoin (BTC) community. Many are wondering how much of a future does cryptocurrency have as part of the micro-messaging network CEO’s projects?

According to slides presented by Musk, during a recent conference in the United States, the billionaire plans to create an all-inclusive app, such as long-form tweets and payments, although he did not give additional information on this.

The data shared by Musk caught the attention of Willy Woo, a bitcoin market analyst, who commented that, although the tycoon added information on each of the new features that Twitter will have, precisely the section on payments is left empty.

Other members of the community wonder what role bitcoin will play in Twitter’s future plans, while someone else believes that dogecoin (DOGE) will be the cryptocurrency that will be most integrated into the social network.

It seems that Musk wants to implement on Twitter the plans he originally had for PayPal, as he would have suggested recently. According to Willy Woo, the CEO of the micro-messaging network had noted in an interview that PayPal would be the most valuable company in the world, had his plan gone through.

Community believes Bitcoin would add value to Twitter

In that sense, everything seems to indicate that now Musk aspires to have a second chance to realize the plans he could not before with PayPal, although some in the community believe that the Bitcoin network would add more value to Twitter.

The solution is mentioned by user chaindesing, who notes that “Bitcoin’s Lightning Network could complete the last section of making Twitter the most valuable company.” He believes this is achieved by combining a huge social network with huge amount of users, with a high-tech payment solution. “Twitter could become a monster,” he adds.

Musk is no stranger to bitcoin as he has said he believes in the future of the cryptocurrency, which he also holds among his assets.

In addition, BTC is important for Tesla, another of Musk’s companies. The U.S. electric car company holds bitcoin as part of its reserves and has indicated that it not only sees cryptocurrencies as a strategy to increase its funds, but also as a replacement currency for the dollar.

However, Elon Musk is also often shown as a defender of DOGE, whose price has experienced sharp rises when it has been mentioned by the billionaire.

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