CEO: “Our balance sheet is extremely strong”

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The CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange, Kris Marszalek, tried to entertain impressions in the wake of the FTX collapse.

The CEO of the platform pointed out that his company has an “extremely strong balance sheet” and can cover all of its customers’ assets.

“People deposit resources, others withdraw them, people engage in trading. We are dealing with generally normal activity, just at a somewhat more intense level,” he stressed.

“We have never as a firm engaged in any irresponsible lending practices, we have never taken any risk with third party assets. We don’t manage hedge funds, we don’t trade client assets. We have always had reserves,” he added.

It was recently revealed that in October the exchange accidentally transferred and then recovered about $400 million in ETH cryptocurrency.

“We will continue our business as always and prove everyone wrong about our actions. We will continue to operate as we have always operated to continue to be a safe place where everyone can access cryptocurrency,” he added.

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