Collapse of All Assets: Brace Yourselves for a Decade of Economic Disaster and the West’s Suicidal Tendencies

The West is allegedly in long-term structural decline and, according to the Swiss house, is pervaded by suicidal tendencies.

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In a recent report by Gold Switzerland, brace yourselves for a decade of economic disaster as they predict the collapse of all assets, including stocks, bonds, and real estate, by a staggering 75-95% in real terms.

The West is allegedly in long-term structural decline and, according to the Swiss house, is pervaded by suicidal tendencies.

This is a step closer to harakiri, says Gold Switzerland, but unfortunately, the West is failing to commit this act.

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Recession: The elephant in the room

The report states that the world has been in a process of self-destruction for at least half a century, and as the decline accelerates, the next 5-10 years will include major political, social, economic, and wealth disasters. What could be more abhorrent than an economic and financial collapse accompanied by a possible World War III, which could destroy the world utterly?

To make matters worse, Biden’s recent visit to Ukraine and his European tour confirmed that there is no desire for peace, only war. The US plans to provide more support by giving arms and money, and Europe will follow blindly, without considering the consequences.

At the end of his speech in Warsaw, Biden said about Putin, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.

This statement alone speaks volumes about the lack of desire for peace.

In contrast, China is trying to act as a peacemaker, but its proposal last Friday was not accepted by the West.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a scathing report titled “US hegemony and its dangers,” attacking the US’s hegemonic policies and aggressions, stating that since becoming the most powerful country in the world, the US has interfered in the internal affairs of other countries, sought to maintain and abuse its hegemony, and fomented wars, causing enormous damage to the international community.

It is apparent that the West’s suicidal tendencies and lack of desire for peace will only lead to more disastrous consequences. The West must take a long, hard look at its actions and decisions and start considering the consequences they will have on the world.

US hegemony and its dangers

The report entitled “US hegemony and its dangers” highlights the true nature of the United States’ actions in recent decades. Despite US politicians rejecting its contents, it is difficult to deny the facts put forward by China.

The US has shamelessly interfered in the internal affairs of other countries, maintaining and abusing its hegemony while fomenting wars that have caused enormous damage to the international community.

These unilateral, selfish and regressive hegemonic practices have rightly provoked strong criticism and opposition from the international community.

China’s conclusion that major countries should behave in a manner appropriate to their situation and take the lead in pursuing a new model of relations between states based on dialogue, rather than confrontation, is spot on.

It is high time that countries respect each other and treat each other as equals. In contrast, the US has misjudged the truth and trampled on justice to serve its own interests.

Furthermore, while the US has been busy attacking various countries with force, China has been investing heavily in infrastructure around the world through its Belt and Road Initiative.

Although it will take decades to complete, it is clear that China intends to dominate by connecting 65% of the world’s population to China through a network of sea routes and land links.

The West is in long-term structural decline, and a shift to China and the rest of the East and South is inevitable. It is time for the US and other Western powers to realize that their days of global domination are numbered, and that they need to adapt to a changing world order.

The decline of the West…

It’s difficult to deny the grim reality of the West’s decline. As history has shown time and time again, all empires come to an end, and the USA and EU are no exception. The signs are all there: excessive debts and deficits, collapsing currencies, hyperinflation, and moral decline.

According to Gold Switzerland, world debt has exploded to an estimated 2-3 quadrillion dollars since 1971.

Without the support of the petrodollar, the US would have already crumbled under the weight of its debts.

And as more countries consider trading oil in currencies other than the dollar, its position as the global reserve currency is under threat.

Collapse of All Assets: Brace Yourselves for a Decade of Economic Disaster and the West's Suicidal Tendencies

Since Nixon closed the “Gold Window” in 1971, all currencies have lost at least 97-99% of their value in real terms. And while empires rarely die overnight, the final stages of collapse are unmistakable.

The process that started in 1971 may take another 5-10 years, but sudden collapse is always a possibility.

The Swiss house predicts that over the next 5-10 years, debts and deficits will increase exponentially.

The US debt has doubled every eight years since Reagan became president in 1981. As of 2021, it reached a staggering $28 trillion and is on track to hit $40 trillion by 2025. Tax revenues plummet, and spending explodes, leading to the same fate as bankrupt countries.

It’s clear that the West is in trouble, and the road ahead is bleak. The decline may not be immediate, but it’s inevitable.

The question is, what will come after? Will it be China’s rise to dominance, or will a new global order emerge? Only time will tell.

What the road brings ahead..

As the value of the dollar continues to decline, there are several things to watch out for.

Firstly, there will be higher costs for war, social security, and pensions. Pension fund assets will likely explode, leading to a situation where there may not be any pensions at all.

Additionally, both private and public debt will collapse, with derivatives amounting to $2-3 billion being converted into debt.

Furthermore, all assets that were previously held up by fiat money, such as stocks, bonds, and real estate, will experience a significant drop in value, ranging from 75-95% in real terms. This will cause many banks and financial institutions to go bankrupt, even after receiving government support of $100 trillion in paper, which will ultimately be worthless.

The rise in inflation or hyperinflation will lead to a rise in interest rates by at least 20%, or potentially much higher. The debt financing will further contribute to the printing of money, leading to a situation where the Fed and other central banks will lose control of interest rates.

The current situation in Ukraine is also precarious. While the US has declared that they will not have military presence in Ukraine, both Ukraine and Russia have already lost around 150,000 troops each. However, this represents about 50% of Ukraine’s regular army, while for Russia, it is only 13%.

Moreover, much of the arms and ammunition that have been promised to Ukraine from the West are delayed, as there isn’t enough spare capacity to fulfill these promises. It appears that this war will be a long-running conflict, and it will be difficult for Ukraine to sustain it, especially since an estimated 14 million people have already left the country as of January 2022.

The outcome of a war of this nature between two superpowers cannot be predicted. An accident or provocation could easily trigger a nuclear war, especially since this is a conflict between the US and Russia. Therefore, it is crucial to closely monitor the situation and work towards finding peaceful resolutions.

Will there be a global nuclear war?

The possibility of a global nuclear war has become a cause of concern for many people as tensions rise between the US and Russia. The conflict in Ukraine has escalated and both countries have lost significant numbers of troops.

The situation is particularly concerning for Ukraine as the loss of 50% of its regular army has put a strain on its ability to sustain the conflict.

Despite the delay in the delivery of arms and ammunition promised by the West, this war could still turn into a long-lasting conflict with unpredictable outcomes.

Wealth Preservation & CBDCs

In such a situation, individuals outside the war zone must prepare economically. The collapse of the current monetary system in the West is imminent, and many countries are planning to introduce Central Bank Digital Money or CBDC.

While CBDC may seem like the perfect solution for socialist or Marxist economies, it will ultimately be another form of fiat money. For those who have the freedom to move, leaving over-indebted countries such as the US and Europe may be the best option.

Switzerland stands out as one of the best countries in the world economically, socially, and politically. Its currency, the Swiss franc, is the strongest against all other currencies, while the dollar has lost 80% against the franc over the last 50 years.

The risk of a war on the ground in Europe is minimal. Russia has been invaded several times in history, but it has never seriously invaded Europe.

Its invasion of Finland at the beginning of World War II lasted only three months, and the Russians even led the invading Germans back to Berlin at the end of WWII. Therefore, there is no reason to fear a Russian invasion of Europe.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, while the possibility of a global nuclear war cannot be ruled out, individuals outside the war zone must focus on protecting their wealth and preparing for the economic collapse of the current monetary system in the West.

Leaving over-indebted countries and investing in stronger currencies such as the Swiss franc could be beneficial. The risk of a ground war in Europe is minimal, and there is no need to fear a Russian invasion.

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