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Lately, the crypto related businesses are on-trend, and it seems like the old saying “Live your American Dream” it’s possible again – not only in the United States but also around the world.

Since Bitcoin has appeared, the online generation is more and more engaged in the cryptocurrency field, so plenty of methods for making a life from the crypto industry are released daily. Some of these methods are profitable, some of them are not, but one thing is for sure: all these methods require high quality targeted traffic.

Until some time ago, the quality traffic was a big problem for the crypto-currency niche, because most of the advertisers provided and still provide fake or incentivized traffic, and the revenues of the ICO owners and crypto-related webmasters were under their targets.

Because of the low-quality traffic situation, it was necessary for someone to come up with a new solution that satisfies the needs of both advertisers and publishers from the crypto world. The new solution is named Coinzilla!

Coinzilla represents a new way of advertising. They provide high-quality floating and standard IAB banners that are created by their design department in a manner that will stand out in the eyes of visitors, this fact guaranteeing a high CTR.

Coinzilla’s average CTR is 0.40%, while GoogleAdword’s CTR is around 0.10%. Don’t forget, however, that GoogleAdwords sends you traffic with low engagement, because there are people that only heard about crypto-currency and just search “bitcoin” on Google’s search engine. Therefore, they arrive to your business website, but they are not really interested in it. Basically, you are paying for nothing!

Coinzilla provides only quality traffic from crypto referrers like,, and other top websites from the industry.

With Coinzilla as your partner, the road to success will become easier and faster than any time until now.

At this point, Coinzilla is in the top 3 crypto advertising solutions in the cryptocurrency industry and serves more than 350 million ads monthly.

This number is increasing because they invest in themselves more than others. They carefully studied the behavior of all users with top developers and they are working daily to satisfy all the customer’s needs.

Coinzilla’s marketing packages are very flexible, and they are designed to deliver the exposure that every project needs, even if we talk about a start-up or a well-known crypto-related ICO or website. The price-performance ratio is fair, and you can see it in the good reviews and recommendations that you can find on the internet.

We foresee that Coinzilla will have a big impact in the advertising section of crypto-related websites, especially because of the Facebook’s recent policy of banning crypto-related ads.

The customers will turn their attention to another advertising alternatives and for sure Coinzilla will be one of their first choices. This network promises to offer a consistent return of investment, quality services (including highly-trained account managers for every user) and a lot of more advantages for their customers.

With a bright future in front and with a lot of new features announced by the staff, this bitcoin advertising network can easily boost a crypto related business into the top charts of the crypto-world in short time and for a fair price.

Short Coinzilla network review:


  • Quality traffic
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Personal account managers
  • 99% Fill rate
  • Top referrers (,,
  • Payment in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Euro bank transfers
  • Highly converting HTML banners created by them


  • Your website must be a crypto related website
  • Your site must look professional (it’s a problem if you are inexperienced)
  • Your website should be live for at least a couple of months
  • Your website must not be an adult content website

You can contact Coinzilla’s staff anytime on:

Email: [email protected]

Skype: adv.coinzilla


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