The New FrenchDreamTowers, if successful, will bring the best of culture, technology, and nature together under one roof.

Last month, French architecture firm XTU Architects partnered with Systematic, a French business consortium, and an undisclosed Chinese developer to construct an eco-friendly, blockchain-monitored skyscraper, according to an article in Forbes published on July 10.

The project, which is still in the “vision” stage, was introduced in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, which has a history of blending architectural structures into its landscape. It boasts expectations of creating four interconnected, energy efficient, and eco-friendly “Dream Towers.”

According to the plans, the curved design of the four towers will direct rainwater to basins on the ground and roof. Flora in these areas will then help clean polluted air and rain before it evaporates. Microalgae will even be cultivated between window panes in order to regulate the temperature of the buildings.

With such high-tech trappings for the FrenchDreamTowers, one would imagine that the project team would find a way to incorporate blockchain technology into the development of these skyscrapers – which is exactly what they did.

Hangzhou’s Gold Truffle Engineering company will design a blockchain-based network intended to manage the air quality, energy storage, and many other environmental systems that will interact between the four towers. According to Forbes:

 “This will be the first application of a massive internet-of-things superstructure designed to address the needs of future smart-cities.”

In addition to housing, the towers will feature dining, art galleries, and tech hubs, and will incorporate both Chinese and French architecture and history.

In a time when the boundaries between some world communities seem large, the FrenchDreamTowers may stand as an example of two vastly different cultures coming together to create something that can be appreciated throughout the world. These towers could come to symbolize a future in which the barriers between technology, culture, and nature are pushed aside.

An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the roof would clean polluted air and rain.

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