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Gab is forking Brave, and Brave is forking furious

Gab, the free-speech absolutist social media network, continues to look for creative ways to resist being silenced. Having earned a reputation as a platform...

Google Poll Shows Most Europeans Bullish on Crypto, Bearish on Bitcoin

A new poll shows that most Europeans are bullish on cryptocurrency as a whole, yet relatively pessimistic about Bitcoin’s future. According to a...

Popular Dark Web Marketplace Commits Exit Scam

Criminals buying and selling contraband on the Wall Street Market are hurting now that there is irrefutable evidence the platform's administrators absconded with over...

Samsung Invests $2.9M In French Crypto Co.

Samsung has invested 2.6 million euro (around $2.9 million) into Ledger, a French cryptocurrency company best known for its hardware wallet Ledger...

Samsung exec on coin rumors: “everyone in Samsung works with blockchain”

There was one question everyone wanted answers to at the end of  Moritz von Widekind’s presentation at Blockchain Expo in London today. What about...

New French Law Almost Guarantees Blockchain Startups Banking Services

Domitille Dessertine – head of the FinTech, innovation, and competitiveness division for France's financial markets watchdog, Autorité des Marchés Financiers – explains France's new...

Samsung Developing Its Own Blockchain Network

A report has revealed that Samsung is planning to develop its own proprietary blockchain network, as well as launch its...

Dash upgrade version 0.14 is coming in next two weeks

The scourge of the 51 percent attack has become worryingly common in crypto. From Bitcoin Gold to three successful attacks on Verge. As a...

U.S. firm Genesis says it loaned more than $1.5 billion in cryptocurrency

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Cryptocurrency dealer Genesis Global Trading said on Thursday it loaned digital assets valued at $1.53 billion to institutional borrowers in...

Linking Cryptocurrency with Traditional Banking

Two relatively new services, PiixPay and AavePay, offer cryptocurrency users a way to use their coins to deposit money directly to the bank...

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