Behold the vibrant ICO sale of K-Chain, an e-commerce platform powered by blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

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The ecommerce sector, despite flaunting a universal presence, has been plagued by monopolies and domination of individual players, which has led to a scarcity of quality products and reasoned purchase decisions.

The inability to vehemently verify the sellers’ authenticity and their offerings have been a thorn, ransacking customers’ trust and confidence in the sector. 

Therefore, KING – STORE’s  mission to resolve these nagging issues by facilitating online store franchise services to small and medium-sized (SMB) companies to expand and explore the US, Euro, and Japanese markets might well be the game-changer for the ecommerce vertical. 

Competently backed by the revolutionary Blockchain technology, King-Store aims to infuse the immutability of its signature, ERC-20-based K-Chain Token (KCT) cryptocurrency to 

1) Streamline the seller registration process; 

2) Help Asian SMB owners to develop and market eco-friendly products under the “KING STORE” brand 

3) Increase the liquidity of KCT coin through the revenue of King-Store online shopping platform. 

A magnanimous private ICO sale has started, with one million KCT supply. 1 token at 1 USD. 

This proposes the possibility of opening the floodgates of bonuses to everyone, besides high profile investors. An additional reward of 15% is designated as a referral bonus.

To participate in the KCT ICO, visit instantly.

Follow the official Facebook Page of the K-Chain project to receive every single update about the K-Chain e-commerce ecosystem.

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