Apple Removes Bitcoin White Paper from MacOS Amid Controversy

The tech giant quietly removes the foundational document of Bitcoin from its operating system following viral discovery by a user.

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Weeks ago, an Apple user discovered the Bitcoin white paper in the MacOS operating system and posted his discovery on a forum. Since then, the news went viral and numerous conjectures arose. The truth is that Apple never commented on the matter and now they are removing the foundational document of Bitcoin from their computers.

According to a publication by 9Tt5Mac, Apple removed the Bitcoin White Paper from the MacOS Ventura 13.4 beta 3 version for developers. This allows to anticipate that the next updates of these computers will not include the nine-page document that had been discovered by a macOS user identified as Bernd178 in April 2021.

This fact went viral when the technologist and discloser Andy Baio published on his blog the finding of this Easter egg, a term used for hidden features in programs or operating systems.

As far as we know, the file is hidden in every version of macOS since Mojave (10.14.0), released in 2018.

The Bitcoin White Paper is specifically found inside the Mac app Image Capture Utility. The app has a feature called Virtual Scanner II, which is not enabled by default. If accessed, an image of the San Francisco Bay Area and a copy of Bitcoin’s foundational white paper can be found.

The Virtual Scanner II tool is not found in the developer version update, so presumably it was originally never meant to be discovered. And perhaps, it was just a test among company developers.

In any case, anyone who owns an Apple Mac with Mojave OS onwards, up to Ventura 13.3, can download the white paper.

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