7 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies That Work

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Do you want to get your crypto marketing ahead of your competitors – well here are 7 strategies that can help.

Web Design

The first and arguably most crucial activity to carry out before launching your crypto coin is developing and managing a website.

Get a relevant web design and design an online platform for prospective investors to every other aspect of your coin.

This could also be your opportunity to persuade them why they ought to invest in your currency, its benefits, and its potential in the days to come. No one will discover your coin and invest in it without you doing it with enough resources.

Direct Messaging

This is equally a highly-efficient method of getting the word about your cryptocurrency coin out there. Many email users will quickly ignore a marketing email even before they can read it, so all your efforts to create an engaging email marketing campaign will go down the drain. This can often be one of the most profitable cryptocurrency marketing services that there are when done well.

SMS Marketing Company

Instead of using email marketing, it would be better to gather targeted mobile numbers of all prospective users and send out marketing texts directly to them. Mobile messages usually have a higher read rate and get great responses from all interested users. You could outsource a software solution or hire an SMS marketing company for this.

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Social Media

A good social media strategy crypto can be the key to building an engaging audience around your cryptocurrency. And how do you do that?

Begin by having dedicated pages for your currency on Google Plus, Facebook, and other social platforms. Encourage your potential customers to join your social channels to remain updated with all ongoing news about your coin.

And if you’re not sure how to go about this, you could enlist the services of a social media marketing company.

The truth is that many other alternatives to Bitcoin have been created in the past few years and are gradually making a mark in the digital world. Here are 10 alternatives to Bitcoin which are highly profitable.

Press Releases (PR)

Bring in the popular PR and news services to spread the word about your upcoming cryptocurrency. There are numerous online Press Release websites, not forgetting dedicated Press Release agencies that let users publish updates and news about all new coins.

They have a great number of online readers who are always seeking information about all new cryptos in the market. This could aid in building a network of interested investors and users.

Bitcoin Communities

Apart from the official bitcoin community, there are many other communities and forums where you could promote your new coin offering.

To begin, you will need to find the relevant community forums and join. And before sharing any information about your currency, you should work on building trust by taking part in all ongoing discussions. `

Gradually, you can bring in information about your coin, its history, how it will benefit its users, its future, and any other information useful to the users. Should show interest, they’ll have questions which you should answer accordingly.

Paid Promotion

If you do not have vast knowledge in online marketing tactics, hiring paid marketing services would be a good alternative. These services are often provided by Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and many other online platforms.

This entails displaying banners, videos, advertisements, etc, about your cryptocurrency on high-value sites with the motive of securing more traffic from them. An online marketing company could help you create paid marketing promotion campaigns for your coin.


Reddit is a content sharing and social news website where lots of new content, including links, text, and images are often shared by users. You can join this website and begin sharing news and updates about your coin on particular communities commonly known as subreddits.

For instance, you could join this r/cryptocurrency subreddit which has more than 500k subscribers and serves as a good place to market. You could also join many other sub-communities.

Before that, however, you should take part in all ongoing discussions in order to gain trust from other users. Once you have gained their trust, you could start your own subreddit where you can promote your coin. However, be careful not to over-promote or share many links all at once.

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