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Ethereum’s foundation is pumping $30 million into “transformative” upgrades

Ethereum may not have a center, but it does have something that resembles a beating heart. The Switzerland-based Ethereum Foundation not only employs many...

Chainlink mainnet to go live on Ethereum at end of May

Chainlink CEO Sergey Nazarov announced today that the decentralized oracleprovider is to launch its service on the Ethereum mainnet on May 30. It’s the...

Will Ethereum be the one blockchain to rule them all?

Can Ethereum maintain its position as the leading smart contract platform in the nascent blockchain industry? Panelists engaged in a fiery discussion to consider...

CFTC May Approve Ethereum Futures

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission says it's willing to approve Ether futures contracts as long as proposals meet all the regulator's requirements. If...

The Future Of Banking On Ethereum

In light of the $112 million bond issued by Societe Generale, Michael J. Casey, senior advisor for blockchain research at MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative,...

eToro Is Giving Away $1.65B In Ethereum

Antivirus pioneer John McAfee claims that he knows the true identify of bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto. But after telling Bloomberg...

Ethereum Name Service To Be Upgraded

Brantly Milegan, developer coordinator for the Ethereum Name Service, discusses the platform's upcoming upgrade. The update is intended to speed up the process of...

Trump’s Twitter Meeting, an Ethereum Thief, and More News

President Trump tweeted insults at Twitter again this morning, but this time Jack took the conversation off platform to the White House. In other...

Binance Hoping To Entice Ethereum Projects To Its Own Blockchain

News wallets and exchangesBinance CEO Changpeng Zhao is encouraging developers working on the Ethereum platform to bring their projects to Binance...

Binance Moving Off Ethereum – ETHNews.com

News wallets and exchangesBinance has released details of its plans to move its BNB token off the Ethereum platform and onto...

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