Solana’s Saga Phone with Simplified Web3 Experience Now Available for Public Orders

Secure your keys with Seed Vault and access decentralized apps on the go, powered by Helium Network in the US

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Solana’s Android mobile phone, called Saga, is now open for public orders and can be shipped to customers in many countries.

In fact, as the Saga team informed, shipments for those customers who had pre-ordered their device have already started:

“Saga is a phone and many other things at the same time. You can enjoy a simplified web3 experience with Seed Vault, a secure self-custody solution that protects your keys through biometric authentication and encryption. With the Solana dApp Store, Saga users can access decentralized applications without having to interact and sign transactions through their desktop browser,” said the Saga team.

The Solana Saga phone costs $1000

In terms of price, the Saga costs $1000, less applicable taxes depending on the country of purchase.

It has a storage capacity of 512 GB and a 6.67-inch OLED display. The phone is also powered by Android 13 with a 50MP main camera, dual 12MP supercamera and 16MP selfie camera.

Helium Network powers the Saga in the US

Saga phone users, in the US, will soon be able to opt for Helium Network to power their devices. The feature is made possible through a partnership between Helium Mobile and Solana Mobile, which was announced in early November 2022.

According to Helium Network, Saga phone users in the US will receive a free 30-day subscription to Helium Mobile, with unlimited calls and messages.

In addition, Helium Network successfully migrated to Solana around the end of April. The migration to Solana was aimed at improving Helium’s performance and allowing its core developers to focus more on developing the decentralized wireless network, rather than maintaining a layer-1 blockchain.


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