Zodiac Magic Angel Drop Unveils Exclusive Skins and Esports-Ready Gameplay in Citizen Conflict Alpha 4.0

QORPO Team's Latest Release Brings Cyberpunk Flair and Iconic Rarity to the Gaming Community

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The QORPO team is set to launch the Zodiac Magic Angel Drop, introducing three exclusive skins for the beloved hero, Zodiac, and ushering in a new era of esports-ready gameplay within Citizen Conflict Alpha 4.0.

The upcoming release boasts cyberpunk-inspired graphics that promise to captivate gamers seeking a cutting-edge experience.

The Magic Angel Drop brings not only aesthetic enhancements but also a playable in-game character with custom visual effects (VFX) and voiceovers, ensuring a unique and immersive gaming encounter.

Among the highlights of this release is the lifetime access granted to Citizen Conflict, offering players unrestricted entry into the dynamic gaming realm.

Additionally, participants can look forward to receiving $QORPO Token Airdrop and 10 in-game loot boxes, elevating the gaming experience with valuable rewards.

Citizen Conflict Alpha 4.0 is touted as the QORPO team’s most ambitious build yet, set to launch on the Epic Store accompanied by an exclusive NFT drop on Magic Eden.

The alpha version introduces Zodiac as the most beloved and revered hero, with three trailblazing skin variants available on Magic Eden: Yellow Sunfire, Red Ember Surge, and Pink Magic Angel editions.

Zodiac Magic Angel’s in-game character is not merely a cosmetic addition; it comes with unique abilities, custom VFX, and a distinctive voiceover, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Players gain access to a Tournament Gateway, providing opportunities to compete in esports competitions for valuable prizes.

The Iconic Rarity Value of the Zodiac Magic Angel NFT collection is underscored by its restricted quantity of 2,222 pieces, marking the inaugural collection of in-game characters in Citizen Conflict.

Owning these exclusive NFTs not only adds a unique flair to a player’s collection but also holds the potential for future value appreciation.

How To Purchase Zodiac Magic Angel?

For those eager to dive into the world of Zodiac Magic Angel, the process is straightforward.

The exclusive in-game character can be purchased for 39 MATIC on Magic Eden. Players can further enhance their experience by depositing Zodiac on QORPO WORLD, unlocking additional benefits and early ownership of Citizen Conflict history.

The Zodiac Magic Angel Drop is poised to be a game-changer in the gaming community, offering a blend of visual appeal, gameplay enhancements, and exclusive NFT collectibles.

The drop is scheduled to start on November 14th at 4 PM UTC, marking a significant moment for esports enthusiasts and gaming connoisseurs alike.


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