Young Bitcoin Millionaire Proposes to Give Bitcoin for Christmas

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Since Bitcoin started to grow in price, early adopters started to see their money increase. At the moment there are many bitcoin millionaires enjoying their money buying Lambos and eccentric things. But there is also an important group of Bitcoin millionaires that promotes solidarity.

Erik Finman 18 Years Old Bitcoin Millionaire

This young man has been an earlier investor when he decided to buy $1,000 dollars’ worth of Bitcoin when its price was just $12 dollars. At current prices he has $1.5 million dollars. During an interview with CNBC, he said that it is a good idea to gift Bitcoin for Christmas.

“I think it is a wonderful time to buy Bitcoin. You can actually buy a fraction of a Bitcoin. Buy $100, $50 worth of a Bitcoin. It would be a great stocking stuffer,” he said.

Finman is convinced that Bitcoin is the future of the financial system and the future currency of the world. It is not just an easy way to get rich, but they would be able to change the way in which people transact and store wealth.

Pineapple Fund and Other Millionaires Donate to the Charity
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At UseTheBitcoin we covered how many Bitcoin Millionaires are giving millions of dollars to different charities. That’s the example of the Pineapple Fund. This fund was created by a Bitcoin Millionaire that wants to give an important part of his savings to charity.

“Today, I see $17,539 per BTC. I still don’t believe reality sometimes. Bitcoin has changed my life, and I have far more money than I can ever spend. My aims, goals, and motivations in life have nothing to do with having XX million or being mega rich. I’m doing something else: donating the majority of my bitcoins to charitable causes,” the founder commented on Reddit.

At the moment, this fund has given more than $2 million dollars to different causes. It is important to remark that the Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency community are a place were we can find incredible people that really wants to give good things for the society.

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