Ripple and XRP’s popularity is continually growing. They have been doing great back in 2018, and it seems that in 2019 they are doing even better with great announcements pouring on a daily basis.

XRP, the most traded crypto

Now, traders on social trading platform eToro just said that XRP is the most frequently traded crypto by unique open trades.

In the January report of eToro, it’s shown that XRP managed to also trade ahead of Amazon and it follows behind oil, gold, Apple and the NSDQ100.

Back in January, Apple was topping the list as the most frequently traded stock and oil and gold were the most traded instruments.

Dapp Life showed that XRP contributed to 29,991 unique open trades. Bitcoin open trades raised 26,773 and Ethereum open trades followed with 25,148.

More traditional financial instruments topped the platform, as reported by Daily Hodl.

  • Oil with 35,503
  • Gold with 32,484
  • Apple with 31,767
  • NSDQ100 with 31,683

eToro on the state of the crypto market

regarding the overall state of the crypto market, eToro senior market analyst Mati Greenspan said in a recent interview that we cannot expect bulls tocome overnight.

He said that “Right now we are in a bear cycle. We saw some positive movements over the last few days, and I’m very happy about that. We saw volumes coming back into the market for the first time in months which is wonderful, but you don’t go from bear market to moon overnight.”

He continued and detailed that the truth is that the bull market of 2017 actually started in 2015. “Once there was that quietness, the market was able to bottom out very gradually,” he said.

Regarding Ripple, Coinbase had recently made the whole Ripple and XRP community happy when they announced that XRP would be listed on Coinbase Pro and the announcement caused a massive fuss and excitement.

Now, Coinbase brought another announcement: XRP will be supported on along with iOS and Android apps.



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