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Over 10% of Parkade Coins have been claimed by investors in the first week of the Parkade ICO.

The Parkade ICO is causing a lot of buzz in the Blockchain community, where investors have noticed the potential for rapidly growing value attached to their Parkade Coins. It’s an asset-backed cryptocurrency with a reliable long-term growth plan, and better yet, it’s attached to a rare and precious commodity: parking real estate. Founder Vic Kwatra is pleased with the initial results of the Private Sale:

The Parkade Vision

Following the ICO, will establish its market position with the purchase of parking assets from the ICO funds raised. Assets will be comprised of parking real estate, upgrades and developments, and the development of proprietary technology. This will include the app, with features including interactive maps and quick-pay functions for finding and renting parking stalls.  

The Parkade assets will be purchased according to the clear proposal envisioned by the Parkade team. Developments to real estate will make parking more convenient, accessible, and affordable for commuters. It will also offer major incentives and financial opportunities for parking real estate owners. In turn, this will create a streamlined and efficient system of parking to benefit entire communities and cities, as well as the environment.

30% Bonus Tokens in the Private Sale

Early investors still have a chance to earn a bonus 30% tokens with their purchase. The Private Sale portion of the Parkade ICO will continue until September 29th. Until then, the 30% bonus offer remains open, encouraging on-the-fence investors to buy in while the fruit is ripe for the picking.  

For more information about the Parkade ICO and app, please see the website :

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