News(VIDEO) Will bitcoin save the world from ‘highly aggressive...

(VIDEO) Will bitcoin save the world from ‘highly aggressive weaponized US-dollar Empire?


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US Сongressman Brad Sherman has warned that bitcoin is a threat to the US dollar and its status as “the sole reserve currency in the world.” He has previously urged Congress to consider banning all of cryptocurrencies.

RT’s Keiser Report hosts discuss the issue, with Stacy Herbert reminding that de-dollarization is already happening.

She points out that President Xi Jinping has recently called to accelerate blockchain adoption in China, and Russia’s energy giant Rosneft has ditched the greenback in its oil contracts in favor of the euro.

Max Keiser explains that “Other countries feel they are tired to be assailed upon by the highly aggressive American weaponized US dollar Empire, and they are figuring out that they can secede via bitcoin, which is easier to use than gold…”



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