Where to store bitcoins and avoid them being stolen

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The rate at which bitcoin is gaining fame today is quite high. The technology keeps getting popular every year. When it was invented a decade ago, no one thought it would become this intense.

In fact there are some individuals who still thing the crypto technology is not quite stable. Contrary to this argument, there has been a great adoption in the recent years.

Well, as anyone can expect from online related services, the number of publicized hacking events have also increased. More investments are been placed in the industry than ever expected. New investors may be victim of these events. They don’t really know the best ways to store their funds.

Even the veterans also face theft threats. Hackers have invented ingenious ways to get into people’s accounts. Recently, victims watch as their bitcoins were re-routed to another account.


So what can you do about this? To prevent such problems as declared above keep you private keys, your email and even your own bitcoin addresses in safe. Nobody should have an ability to link your identity with your bitcoin addresses. Also we would recommend you to use bitcoin mixer https://mixertumbler.com/ to cut all ties between your receiving address and your own BTC address.

Store your bitcoins in a secure place. Here are the best storages.

Desktop Wallet

There are a number of advantages a desktop wallet offers, more than an online one. Anyone can access online wallets from anywhere in the world. On the other hand, a desktop wallet is specific to the device. If you have connected it to your desktop, that is the only way to access it.

What you are looking for is a way to keep your security keys far from prying eyes. Your risk of losing these keys to hackers is reduced.

However, these wallets are still not the best for a lot of Bitcoins. If anything happens to the desktop, you lose everything. For instance, if a malware affects your computer, it may root out the keys and steal your Bitcoins. But if you keep your computer safe, then you have great security in these wallets.

Hardware wallets

These are the second most secure wallets for storing Bitcoins. They are better than desktop wallets in this sense.

They are made from bits of hardware and external storage devices like a USB. The biggest advantage of using these wallets is the level of anonymity you enjoy. You can transact safely without anyone being able to follow your tracks.

There is no personal info linked to hardware wallets. Therefore, no one will know if belongs to you. This keeps identifying data far from being leaked. There is no better way of high security and anonymity than this.

Apart from this, hardware wallets are resilient to malware. You can use them on any device without the worry of your data being infested. As if that is not enough, you can still recover your funds using the seed phrase if you lost the wallet.

Paper wallet

This is another safe way to store bitcoins. The only problem is, it requires advanced level of understanding. A paper wallet can be generated online using dedicated websites. And if you are concerned about a deeper security, then you can generate the wallet offline.  

Paper wallets are most preferred because they can be stored easily. Not much space is needed, and there is a great level of anonymity.  

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