News Keiser Report: When free speech is under attack, bitcoin...

Keiser Report: When free speech is under attack, bitcoin is a weapon to resist


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With fiat currencies losing reliability worldwide, digital coins are changing the public mindset, giving their owners the means to store wealth safely and use the “free money” to exercise other freedoms, an expert tells RT.

“Bitcoin changes people, the time horizon changes, people start thinking about the future, long-term solutions, longer legacies due to this idea that you can store wealth for a very long time with bitcoin,” Francis Pouliot of Canada’s told RT’s Keiser Report.

Pouliot calls the digital currency “free money,” emphasizing that this is the main advantage of bitcoin. He says never before has there been money that was not governed by authorities, and therefore one that authorities could not confiscate. Pouliot explains that bitcoin “allows people to save their wealth without it getting devalued by the government,” giving people an ability to express their ideas even if they run in contrast with official dogmas.

You can not have free speech without free money. And when free speech is under attack free money is a weapon to resist this attack,” the expert notes.



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