News Press Releases What’s coming up from Mysterium on May 30?

What’s coming up from Mysterium on May 30?


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If you have not yet been a contributor to Mysterium’s alpha version of its decentralized VPN, there is something interesting coming to your way right away, as Mysterium is to open its Token sale on May 30, 2017. This crowd selling is going to be more looked forward by those already using the popular and fast growing Mysterium’s alpha network. With its pre-sale already sold out, Mysterium is once again in the ground to re-invent the wheel for VPN provision.

Mysterium has been providing a highly secured connection for the internet users by offering them its Virtual Private Network (VPN) developed on blockchain. This platform uses crowdsourced bandwidth to develop a network of globally distributed VPN nodes. The alpha version of it, has been live for all for a week to join and contribute their unused bandwidth to this network. Users who have been offering their unused bandwidth to this platform have earned MYST token in reward as the form of soft mining, by means of Proof-of-Contribution system.

Internet privacy is a rising concern for individuals and businesses. As revealed by MarketResearchFutures, around half million cyberattacks are being committed every minute. The recent case of malware attack on the NHS is one of the examples that necessitates the need of blockchain secured VPN, helping individuals and businesses to secure themselves. Mysterium’s alpha network adopted by a lot of people into their networks as well as operations, seconds this thought.

With Mysterium’s live alpha recently launched, that has already acquired 950 live nodes across the globe just in a week, Mysterium is in a highly favorable position to escalate. The platform operates through the integrated trading platform named CORE, giving an online market place where both consumers and VPN providers are able to monetize the give & take of the VPN services.  

The competence of combined network and technologies effect is aimed towards providing a more competitive solution than traditional VPN services through savings passed to the users.

Mysterium is aiming to replace peer-to-peer VPN based on centralized service providers, with blockchain based VPN with no central authority. This system works by sending encrypted, shredded data into the network without the chance of trace.

Keep in mind that Mysterium crowdsale is starting on May 30. For further information about the MYST mining and to join the network, check this link To know about crowdsale visit

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