What is XinFin.org doing to have a successful ICO Coming Soon?

XinFin.org has long been focusing on its Africa awareness campaign, which has eventually resulted in a number of IoT projects, along with its impact on company’s compliance with regulatory standards for its upcoming ICO. The awareness program by XinFin.org ran across three African nations and various IoT projects are soon to be seen in Asia.
What does this awareness plan aim for?
This plan was based on creating awareness regarding XinFin platform among the three selected African nations. Awareness campaign included interacting with Government officials and business community in the region. A lot of programs were seen in this regard, including Botswana Program from June 28th till July 5th, Zambia Program from July 18th to 23rd and Kenya Program from July 31st to August 1st, 2017.
Through this awareness plan, the company introduced the XinFin’s upcoming tradeFinex platform that connects buyers, sellers and financiers on one platform backed by XinFin XDC token. This platform has especially been developed for businesses having fundamental business value without current credit ratings, enabling trade and finance using this platform.
XinFin is all ready to tackle Africa’s global trade & finance crises
Afrikanus Kofi Akosah Adusei, XinFin’s Africa Community Manager, states that inefficiencies in Africa’s trade and finance practices lead to annual infrastructure deficit of more than 90 million dollars in the region, apart from several risks associated with global trade and financing, as another factor. In view of the challenge, XinFin XDC token, a community driven digital asset, has been developed to minimize the risks involved in global trade and finance. The upcoming platform called TradeFinex will trigger great interests among businesses towards Africa.
Alex Mathbeck, the Head of Marketing of XinFin.org, states that the company has initiated many IoT projects across Asia including Singapore and India. The projects include IoT enabled solar power plants based on smart contract utilization within XinFin XDC platform for trading the produced energy backed to the grid network. The project is massively scalable, and a one stop smart-metering, transacting and financing ecosystem. Other projects like IoT based transactions for the waste handling machine are also under pipeline.
The XinFin’s ICO…
The ICO of XinFin, a fundamentally driven business platform having enhanced value and real products to offer, will be announced very soon by the company. The funds raised will be used for real projects implementation, delivering tangible value to the region.
To know more about Xinfin’s upcoming ICO and participate in it, please visit https://ewallet.xinfin.org/
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