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Using AI to optimize spend value in cryptocurrencies – A Boom for Users


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While the crypto Boom is alive and kicking a new wave of technology is hitting the blockchain world.

AI integrations in blockchain are enabling automated portfolio management and trading by leveraging on machine learning, logistic regression, and advanced decision-making algorithms.

Such a solution would be a relief for traders transacting in volatile coins.

Understanding Spend Value.

From a crypto perspective, spend value refers to the value attained when you trade your coin investments for fiat currency. It is the single most factor traders look to while transferring digital currencies for use.

Optimizing Spend Value in the Real World

Agate is ready to use payment platform, which takes the help of blockchain to provide instant payments which are not prone to market volatility.

The Agate Trading Bot integrated with the Agate app ensure that users transacting in cryptos get the most bang for their buck. It gives users a heads up if market fluctuations happen and help them in doing fast crypto to fiat transfers if the need arises

Now, let’s take a look at benefits associated applications like Agate which leverage on AI

While the advantages are many, let’s focus on the primary one,

Optimizing Profits

Artificial intelligence can leverage several data patterns, mathematical models, and algorithms. AI like the Agate AI bot can look into past data and even view real-time indicators to give accurate predictions on when to convert their precious coin investments.

Humans beings are not able to process such levels of data. So in a way, AI integrations will enable users to make better decisions on investments to get the best coin spend value.

Tackling Volatility

By integrating with blockchain, AI can provide actionable signals to predict bullish and bearish market runs.

Portfolio Management

With better data at their disposal, traders can now look to diversify their coin portfolio. Armed with superior market understanding, investment decisions will be efficient as well as functional.

Another benefit would be providing monetizable insights to traders, and it will help them develop better trading strategies. This will be enabled by the generation of insights from large data sources.

Who would benefit the most?

While die-hard traders still rely on their metrics to predict market movements, newcomers and the average joe can stay ahead of the curve by acting on AI predictions.

Everyone trading in coins can download apps integrated with AI tools and get notifications on optimal times to trade and enhance their spend value.

Finally, AI could prove to level the profit gap between seasoned traders and novices.

What’s Next?

While the context is optimizing spend value, the underlying base would be human decision making. Bias creeps in when emotion is mixed in decision making. Platforms like Agate aims to resolve problems like this by providing suggestions to the user.

Artificial intelligence programs work with data patterns and algorithms thus making them immune to general bias.

Therefore, the Future of AI would be to reduce bias associated with human decision making.


The Signs are very positive for the use of AI to optimize profits.

Real world integrations are already in place relying on tech like supercomputers to generate data patterns and provide traders with accurate market information.

The market is ready to accept a whole platform AI solution like Agate which will allow users to make daily transactions and also to provide accurate predictions to improve spend value.

Finally, if the future is set for crypto’s, then AI integrated Exchange solutions like Agate can help every user to capitalize on market trends and make informed decisions.

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