NewsUnocoin – The Company bringing Bitcoin to Billions

Unocoin – The Company bringing Bitcoin to Billions


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Unocoin is one of the top Bitcoin exchanges in India. The company, which started operations in December 2013, lets its users buy, sell, hold or send bitcoins from its bitcoin wallet service. The company also offers the service of merchant payments to the users.

With a mission “to bring Bitcoin to billions”, Unocoin was founded in July of 2013 and established its headquarters in Karnataka, India. Later the company shifted its major operation to Bengaluru.

Unocoin, since its inception, has managed to forge some strategic international partnerships which have helped the company’s operations immensely. BTCJam, and Netki wallet are some of the prominent partners of Unocoin.

Unocoin has been a pioneer in the Indian Bitcoin space. The company raised $1.5 million in a Pre Series-A round in September 2016. It is the highest total raised for a digital currency venture in Indian history. With over 150,000+ satisfied customers and 350+ million in total revenue, Unocoin has been on the forefront of bitcoin revolution in India.

Unocoin exchange enables the users to trade bitcoin, and their wallet service in conjunction with the exchange, allows users to buy, sell, store and transfer bitcoin. The platform is all the existing AML and KYC policies compliant.

There are also other additional features offered by the platform including the Systematic Investment Plan, Netki Wallet Address, BTCJam peer-to-peer lending and borrowing service and integration.

There are two types of accounts offered by Unocoin – Individual account and Merchant account. Individuals can trade bitcoin via the individual account and can also avail the option of the Systematic Investment Plan to buy small chunks of bitcoin in regular intervals to increase bitcoin holdings.

On the other hand, merchant accounts let merchants accept bitcoin payments from their customers. Unocoin boasts of some leading merchant accounts already signed up. The merchant account offers both online and PoS payment options.

Finally, Unocoin’s customer support is quick and easily accessible. The platform strives to provide the best user experience to its huge customer base.

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