Twitter’s cryptocurrency scam bots are back with a fresh new look

Cryptocurrency in 2019 has been missing one key ingredient, Ethereum scambots on Twitter. The good news is: they’re back!

Those pesky fraudsters are up to their usual shenanigans, but this time they’ve been given a fancy makeover (new year, new do?), complete with an impressively modern design.

While it’s certainly a new look (an example of an old design is below), it’s pretty much the same modus operandi as last year: lure unsuspecting Twitter users to a really dodgy website under the guise of a free Ethereum giveaway.

This incarnation directs victims to a domain that claims to be handing out 2,000 ETH for free, particularly to those who “verify their Ethereum address” by sending cryptocurrency to a specific wallet address, presumably controlled by the scammers themselves.