Tron’s Latest dApp Weekly Report Is Out: 8 New DEXs, 65 Blockchain Games And More

Tron (TRX) has been in the spotlight a lot recently due to praises coming from significant names in the crypto space.

Weiss Ratings is one of the latest such essential players, and they have recently revealed on Twitter that they recognize the fact that Tron has already proven its massive popularity.

Tron’s weekly dApp report is out

The Chinese Lunar Year kicked off great for Tron, and you can see this from the company’s latest achievements and developments.

These are all detailed in the latest weekly dApp report.

The foundation reveals that Tron managed to develop 8 DEXs, 65 blockchain games, 47 games, six collection games, and three candy box projects.

“In the current development of DApps in the entire industry, whether it is the layout of DApps or the user activity of DApps, Tron is in the leading position in the industry,” according to the report.

Tron also addressed the developments in the Tron dApp UX sector. It looks like TronBet is the go-to dApp for Tron and they say that “there has not been a Tron DApp that can shake up Tronbet’s trading volume.”

The report also discusses the dApp Cooperation undertaken by the company.

“While developing the DApp ecosystem, Tron is also committed to bringing more Tron project parties and tokens to the traditional blockchain coin holders. Therefore, Tron has been collaborating with numerous token information websites to open up a Tron-specific area and exhibit the Tron project and token,” the report explains.

Tron’s BTT sale went great

The BTT sale on the Binance Launchpad concluded by netting $7.1 million with the sale of 50 billion tokens in less than 15 minutes.

Binance talked about the success of the sale in an official blog post, and Changpeng Zhao revealed that things would have gone even better if some minor tech issues would not have hit the platform. This way, the sale was over in about 15 minutes.



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