Tron (TRX) Has Four Important Upgrades & Tools On The Way By Q2 2019

The Tron Foundation is really busy these days, and the developers have a few elements in the works that will definitely end up boosting the whole Tron ecosystem.

Tron developers are reportedly planning to release a set of upgrades and brand new tools in order to enhance the blockchain network’s functionality, as Cryptoglobe reports.

Four new developments on the way

Misha Lederman is the co-founder of, and he recently said that a new platform is in the works.

This platform will support the ongoing development of decentralized technologies.

He posted an announcement on Twitter in which he says that the Tron blockchain ecosystem will bring the following “major developments”:

  • BitTorrent Speed, $BTT
  • Institutional-friendly multi-signature & account management
  • USDT-TRON stablecoin launch on #TRX blockchain
  • Implementing privacy option for transactions

Lederman is known as one of the most vocal Tron supporters. He said that all these developments that are currently in the works would be launched by the second quarter of 2019.

Community feedback

The community feedback was a positive one, just as expected.

“Really looking forward to BTT as a HODL through the next bull run. With @justinsuntron as their founder and his growing influence, BTT should appreciate nicely,” someone said.

Another follower posted “Great, keep on developing! Soon even @BeatzCoin will use @Tronfoundation network to help content creators to claim their share of the profits on their works. The VibraVid platform will use $BTZC and $BTT! #VV #BTZC #BTT.”

Someone else also brought up the partnership between Tether and Tron: “I`m more than curious to watch how things will unfold after they launch Tron-based USDT”

As you may recall, Tron is teaming up with Tether in order to integrate USDT on the Tron blockchain.

A new TRC20-based USDT will be able to broaden the network’s capabilities, and it will enable interoperability for Tron-based dApps and protocols.



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