There’s a new crowdfunding platform that’s designed to help developers to get the funding that they need to create Dapps, technology, and tokens that was just launched.

The great thing is that the platform is built on the Tron network.  It’s called SEEDGerminator, and it allows developer teams to submit their project proposals online.

After they are approved, the community will then be able to begin donating tokens to the projects that they are supporting.

SEEDGerminator is powered by Sesameseed

SEEDGerminator is powered by Sesameseed which is a group that managed to earn hundreds of millions of votes from the Tron community and eventually became a Super Representative that helps power the network.

The official website says that the SEEDGerminator is “A DApp and technology accelerator for the Tron Network. The SEEDgerminator is an accelerator for developers seeking to create DApps, tokens and technology, a crowdsourced venture capital arm where projects are granted access to an active and dedicated community, and funding from the 10% node reward, reserved for community voting.”

When Tron holders voted for Sesameseed, they earned a small percentage of SEED tokens in return. These are used to fund the projects that are built on SEEDGerminator.

Sesameseed includes a community-built organization

Sesameseed is a group of Tron enthusiasts who “collaborate and share their collective skills and knowledge to mature the Tron Network.”

The team is also behind the Seedit protocol, which gives anyone the opportunity to send and receive TRX via Telegram and Twitter.

Sesameseed includes “a community-built organization, fairly and transparently distributing 80% of Tron rewards to its voting members,” according to the official website.

Tron’s team has been very busy lately, and their achievements keep coming as a result.

On September 14th, Exodus crypto trading platform announced the integration of Tron (TRX) in its new 1.60.0 version. In the meantime, the ERC20 token swap continues. Justin Sun confirmed the news on his Twitter page.

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