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Top 10 Cryptocurrency Apps for Apple and Android


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By the end of 2018, it is believed that the cryptocurrency market will reach a whopping value of $1 trillion. Even though the industry has seen some setbacks in the form of increasing regulations, it is still growing tremendously.

Those of you who wish to trade in the cryptocurrency market, the chances are you would need an app to do so. After all, millennials, in general, are known to be mobile shoppers. We are always on the go. By trading cryptocurrencies via a mobile application, the masses can trade and check the changing prices regardless of where they are.

For example, let’s say you want to purchase a car. You wish to do so via the AutoCoin that The AutoBlock uses. This blockchain technology ensures the safety of the transaction. If you were to add an app service into the mix, think how hassle-free the entire process would be!

The good news is, there are cryptocurrency apps for Apple and Android that deliver convenience in one form or another. Here are the top apps you should equip yourself with.

  1. CoinDesk News

CoinDesk News app (not official) is the perfect app for those who wish to keep up with news regarding the cryptocurrency market. Unless you’re well aware of the industry, you can’t make an informed decision. This is why CoinDesk News app can be a source of great help to you. This app is also equipped with graphs and calculators for calculating prices. And not to mention that it allows you to view the real-time prices of the two most popular cryptocurrencies, namely Ethereum and Bitcoin.


  1. CoinCap

One of the most appreciated things about this crypto app is the easy to use interface. Each coin included in this app is conveniently sorted with the help of name and prices. This makes searching for a given coin a piece of cake. Let’s face it. None of us have the time to sift through 600 coins to find the one we are interested in. Since it is integrated with ShapeShift, you can use the application just like its website platform to exchange cryptocurrencies.


  1. Coinbase

If you were to believe the claims of Coinbase, then this is the world’s top app for trading cryptocurrencies. We leave it up to you to assess this claim. Whether it is the absolute best or not, we can safely say that it is a great app to have. Why? Well, it allows you to both track the prices of different currencies and trades them in a fast and secure way. Moreover, the app can also act as a wallet for your cryptocurrencies.


  1. CryptoTrax

People who are looking for a hassle-free way to gauge the profit or loss of different investments, CryptoTrax might be a valuable addition. Before you use this app, it is assumed that your wallet needs are already taken care of since this app doesn’t deliver features for it. However, what it does provide is a way to assess the value of your portfolio.

All you have to do is put in your transactions in the app, and it will track the profits and losses over the period of time. This allows you to invest wisely. Also, the app alerts its users about sudden price increases and drops.


  1. Binance

When it comes to delivering a trading platform, Binance has surely figured it all out. Anyone who has been trading in the crypto market is bound to know about this app. It is considered to be a great trading platform due to its easy-to-use mobile app. Moreover, it also supports an array of currencies ranging from BTC to WTC. As more currencies are entering the market, Binance makes a point to update its list to deliver the best experience to its users.


  1. Enjin Wallet

If you are a gamer who also happens to be interested in cryptocurrencies, you might have heard of Enjin coin. This is because Enjin Coin was the first digital currency that targeted gaming. Enjin Wallet is developed by those who created Enjin Coin. This wallet supports an array of coins, including Enjin Coin. With wallets, one of the major concerns is related to security. This is why the app offers two options. Either you use its secure keyboard or randomize keys on your own.


  1. CoinTelegraph

Users who merely want to be alerted with the latest blockchain news will find CoinTelegraph a quality app. It is very simple and doesn’t offer any added features. All you get to benefit from is the delivery of the latest blockchain news. Since it is linked to social media platforms, you can share its content with your friends as well.


  1. Blockfolio

There are quite a lot of cryptocurrencies in the market. It can get hard to track them all. Blockfolio allows you to track more than 2000 currencies. Additionally, it also offers a management solution for both Bitcoin and Altcoin and updates you on all the recent happenings related to the digital currencies.


  1. CoinPaper

CoinPaper is a very basic app that merely lets you keep tabs on the prices of various currencies. All you need to do is pick out the cryptocurrency you want to track. After you do so, you will be alerted to any changes in this currency prices. You can also customize the app as per your wishes.


  1. BitFinex

As the name suggests, this app is made for trading cryptocurrencies. To do so, you must submit the required funds in the BitFinex account. After you do so, you will be able to use the deposited amount to purchase various cryptocurrencies. Some of the popular cryptocurrencies included are Bitcoin, IOTA, Ripple, and Ethereum. The simple interface and the high liquidation makes it an excellent platform for trading.



These are just a few of the numerous apps available for crypto lovers. Make the most of them. Keep up with the latest news and price changes. Make wise investments. Cryptocurrency is a market full of potential. Make sure you benefit from its growth.

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Find her on Twitter:@iamevieharrison



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