News Today's blockchain and crypto news, from Asia and beyond

Today’s blockchain and crypto news, from Asia and beyond


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India crypto ATM owner talks about his arrest: In October Indian police shut down the country’s first crypto ATM and put its operators into custodyt and Unocoin co-founder Sathvik Vishwanath has been telling Quatrz about the events that led to his arrest.

HTC’s new crypto phone is impressive but who is it for?: Troubled Taiwanese telco HTC has launched a “blockchain smartphone” that it hopes will reverse concurrent years of sales declines and a 2018 year-on-year revenue drop of almost 70%. Wired Magazine says that new HTC Exodus 1 might have “impressive specs” but questions if the new phone will be abke to find any kind of significant market.

China’s benchmark crypto ranking sees Bitcoin fall to 19th place: Cryptocurrencies are illegal in China which makes its country’s monthly Global Public Chain Assessment Index , published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, something of an anomaly. Just as curious perhaps is that the sixth version of the benchmark Index places the world’s most popular crypto, Bitcoin, in 19th place.

Azerbaijan looks to adopt Ministry of Justice blockchain databases: Azerbaijan is yet another country planning to use blockchain technology to further its ‘big government’ agenda and the country is looking at using smart contracts to enable “electronic” registries and databases for notaries, courts and even penitentiaries, writes Azerbaijani news agency Trend.

Sign of bear market: “blockchain” takes over “crypto” on Google Trends: On Google Trends, the keyword “blockchain” has surpassed “crypto” in popularity in recent months, reports Crypto Slate. However, as Forbes point out, Bitcoin still holds “massive brand clout” and receives significantly more search requests than “Taylor Swift” or “stock market” but still way less than the word “Trump”.

Bank of America ‘overtakes’ Alibaba with most blockchain patentsbut for what?>: When Bank of America made its 50th cryptocurrency-related patent application of 2018 at the end of October it overtook Alibaba and IBM to become the world leader in the field. Yet Coin Telegraph writes that the USA’s second biggest bank has been vocal in its criticism of cryptocurrencies, is relying on the patents to mostly appear “progressive in the fintech community” and is unlikely to ever use them all.

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