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Tip Your Friends in Seconds With META


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Transparent and faster transactions built on Metaverse blockchain. 10x faster, 1000x cheaper than BTC and ETH.

The high cost of sending Bitcoin ($150 a transaction) and the slow transferring speed of cryptos that were originally fast before the BTC an ETH blockchain got bloated (takes several minutes if you are lucky and up to hours to receive if you are not) is why the team behind this new project created the META token on the metaverse blockchain.


The team behind META have achieved one of the fastest transfer rates at the cheapest price to send of any crypto-currency on the market. Currently they are running at approximately 90 seconds transactions for a fee of only 0.0001 ETP per send.

Important Details

Join this telegram link below to participate in ICO. 100 free META will be given to new users. New users must havfe at least 1 ETP to qualify for airdrop.


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