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The World’s Most Promising Decentralized Marketplace Has Several Accolades to Its Credit


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SUBAJ Global Network, a blockchain-based digital rewards platform, is an upcoming comprehensive loyalty program that offers innovative ways for users to earn rewards in cryptocurrencies. Unlike the traditional rewards system where the reward points have several spending limitations, loyalty rewards earned by users on SUBAJ Global Network will have the full freedom to spend such earned crypto-tokens across the participating merchant stores that creates flexibility within the digital rewards system.

SUBAJ allows participating merchants, retailers, businesses or even brands to create their own crypto-tokens called business tokens that are backed by the SUBAJ network. Such business tokens can be used by merchants to be offered as loyalty rewards to customers on their Wallet applications.

The business tokens can be converted into SUBAJ tokens through the SUBAJ Exchange Platform and such SBJ tokens are accepted universally across the participating stores for redemption. Further, users can even access the partner exchanges where SUBAJ tokens are listed and users can sell their existing SBJ tokens to encash their holdings, a feature that has never been realized on traditional rewards programs.

With SUBAJ offering such promising technology and given the popularity of loyalty program as a preferred way for merchants to reward their customers, individuals across the globe will be able to access cryptocurrencies and understand the benefits of holding crypto-tokens as an investment.

Numerous merchants, retailers, and businesses are allowed to join the comprehensive loyalty program and with millions of customers shopping and exchanging business tokens for SBJ tokens, the digital coin holds enormous potential to significantly appreciate in value resulting in an aggressive growth within the rewards ecosystem.

Nonexistent global boundaries, enabling masses to access crypto-tokens, incorporation of state-of-the-art technology and the support of an experienced Founder & CEO, SUBAJ, one of the most promising loyalty platforms has already earned several accolades to its credit, with the most recent award being ‘Excellence in Application of Blockchain in Consumer Rewards’ awarded to the SUBAJ Global Network at the Global Blockchain Congress.

The Global Blockchain Congress held on 16-17th July 2018 at Johannesburg, South Africa where global blockchain leaders, influencers of the technology, crypto-experts, and innovators came together to discuss the aspects on opportunities to decentralize businesses using Blockchain and the growth potential of cryptocurrency assets, recognized the success of SUBAJ Global Network in integrating Blockchain Technology to innovate the digital rewards platform.

The exclusive Congress honored SUBAJ for its exemplary application of Blockchain Technology and awarded the organization with ‘Excellence in Application of Blockchain in Consumer Rewards.’

Adebayo Surakatu, Founder and CEO, SUBAJ Global Network was one of the key speakers at the Global Blockchain Congress and was also honored at the congress with the ‘Most Promising Man in Blockchain’ award. The in-depth experience of Adebayo in the field of Mobile Geospatial Technology and a deep understanding of Blockchain Technology powers SUBAJ with the first-hand potential to develop a state-of-the-art, agile yet simple platform for merchants to create a unique shopping experience for its customers.

Apart from these, SUBAJ has also been honored with the European Banking Award at New Age Banking Summit Europe, held on 19-20th June 2018 in Warsaw, Poland.

The focus of discussion at NABS Europe 2018 was on Blockchain Technology, Digital Currency, Payment Solutions, Mobile Banking, Security and Biometrics, Fraud and Authentication, AI, Machine Learning and Robotics, IOT, Big Data, Regulations and Compliance, Augmented and Virtual Reality Banking, Banking Ecosystem, Ransomware and Malware Attacks, Insider Threats, and Third Party Risk Management.

With Adebayo Surakatu one of the speakers at NABS, a knowledge-sharing platform, the summit explored innovative and key tech solutions that can be integrated to shape the future of banking in Europe.

Further, SUBAJ has also received an award for ‘Excellence in Blockchain in Retail Commerce.’ Adebayo Surakatu has played a key role in building new relations and partnerships to strengthen the SUBAJ network.

The NABS Europe Banking Summit provided a platform for SUBAJ to bridge relationships with top European Banks and Services Providers to establish a strong footing in the European countries. SUBAJ has also been nominated for multiple awards including the Excellence in Application of Blockchain to Social Welfare, Excellence in Best Blockchain Technology and many more.

A frontrunner in the consumer rewards platform, SUBAJ is all set to transform and disrupt the traditional rewards platforms with its unique loyalty program that incorporates state-of-the-art technologies to create an exclusive shopping experience different for every user within the retail commerce sector.

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