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What is the most profitable thing to invest? If you ask this question to yourself, you’ll find many answers such as gold, real estate and equity. These are most obvious options of investment, which do provide stability and profit. But, have you ever thought of investing in something which could turn you into a millionaire.

Market Rises

Hybrid technology can make that wonder happen. With its steady growth, wide adaptation and global demand, this technology can be a treasure for you in the very near future. The stats published clearly mentions that global market for hybrid cars will reach US$398.90 billion by 2024.

Moreover, hybrid cars are estimated to replace the diesel/petrol engine cars by 2050. With an investment standpoint, there is a huge margin of profit that everyone can make out of this technology upheaval. Careonchain has recognized this opportunity and conceived the smartest way of making profits alongside contributing to this revolution.

We Scavenge Technology

Careonchain will dedicatedly find research works based on hybrid cars across the universities and guilds of tech mavens. We will then choose the best project and hand it to the top vehicle manufacturers for further development. Careonchain will be entitled to receive a great amount of funds which it will distribute among its token holders.

The number of vehicles running today are in gazillions. Just imagine all those vehicles turning into hybrid automobiles and you will not be able to precisely evaluate the profit that you can gain over the years. And this is not a far-fetched dream, there are a number of hybrid cards introduced already and the automobile giants are mulling over new projects and designs.

That’s when Careonchain comes into the picture, we will relay the most innovative projects to the manufacturers and help the researchers get credited for their work. This project is noble enough to be reliable, in addition to it, we would also make a lots of profit by providing ingenious work to hybrid car makers.

The angle of investment makes our project more effective than that of non-profits. It motivates us to keep digging into the research and finding more innovations. There have been various less popular research works conducted by many organizations, but lack of funds soon compel them to shut their work.

The ICO Monologue

The concept of crowdfunding will enable us to continue this quest based operation. It fuels the task with the prospect of growth and makes the process interminable by constant support of investors.

Careonchain is all set to roll out the pre-sale ICO on 14th July 2018. Apart from the unlimited monetary gains, it also gives you many other advantages, a blockchain platform could offer. The REO coins which are distributing will be tradable on all the exchanges just like any other cryptocurrency.

With the ability of keeping multiple currencies, integrated through an internal exchange that will enable you to make transactions faster with advanced security. You may also purchase REO coins with Bitcoin or Ethereum alongwith your credit card.

Go hybrid, go pro-future.


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