The Good Fight Season Finale Ends with Return of...

The Good Fight Season Finale Ends with Return of ‘Bitcoin Creator’


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Bitcoin and cyber-terrorism are on prime time once more thanks to the most recent season finale of ‘The Good Fight’. As well, the digital currency will soon be featured in the ‘My Money’ episode of ‘Dark Net’.

Last week, in the first season finale of The Good Fight, an American legal and political drama, Bitcoin took center stage. The episode, called ‘Chaos’, could be an important part of the show’s next season after the series was renewed for a second in March.

Technology lawyer and Bitcoin creator ‘Dylan Stack’, played by Jason Biggs, asks show star Diane to represent him. He is the creator of Bitcoin. He tells her he believes he is being framed for an upcoming cyber attack against Chicago’s power grid. Stack has appeared as the bitcoin on The Good Wife, from which The Good Fight spun off. 

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The law firm Reddick, Boseman, & Kolstad, known for its police brutality cases, represents Stack. Eventually, however, the malware infects the government’s computers and blocks access to the power grid. The Feds suspect the law firm had a role.

Stack doesn’t come forward to authorities. He works instead to uncover who planted the malware on his computer, suspecting it was someone he chats with on 4chan (since the creator of Bitcoin chats on 4chan). Stack – the founder of Bitcoin – is ultimately arrested by the FBI. The blackout hits at the same time.

The episode, called ‘Chaos’ is set amid bi-annual reviews at law firm Reddick, Boseman and Kolstad. Lucca receives good reviews. 

The Good Wife featured a Bitcoin episode, as well. In Season 3 Episode 13, “Bitcoin for Dummies”, the show dedicated awhile to explaining the digital currency technology based on the blockchain. The Good Fight doesn’t take this path, focusing in on the action instead. In The Good Wife episode, bitcoin featured three inventors. In that episode, Biggs’ character assures he is Bitcoin’s representative.  

Bitcoin recently appeared will appear in an upcoming episode of ‘Dark Net’. The episode, which will be named ‘My Money’, could have gone in several different directions, as that show’s producers discussed the possibility of showcasing Venezuela Bitcoin miners.

“We originally wanted to interview bitcoin miners in Venezuela who are really risking a lot to mine for bitcoin because money there is so worthless and bitcoin still retains value. So it was a really, really interesting story of survival that you wouldn’t think of because bitcoin is typically associated with the darknet and illicit activities, and this was a completely different take on it,” Adi Kochavi, president of Vocativ Films and executive producer for Dark Net, said. “I’m definitely holding onto this idea.”

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The Good Fight Season Finale Ends with Return of 'Bitcoin Creator'

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