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The Future of Bitcoin Conference Begins in the Netherlands ‘Bitcoin City’


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The Future of Bitcoin Conference Begins in the Netherlands ‘Bitcoin City’

Arnhem, Netherlands, June 30-July 1st, 2017 — Today kicks off ‘The Future of Bitcoin’ conference, a two-day event that highlights the decentralized, peer-to-peer, and permissionless global technology known as Bitcoin.

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The Future of Bitcoin: Two Days of Presentations and Productive Discussions in the Netherlands ‘Bitcoin City’

Over the next two days in Arnhem, otherwise known as “Bitcoin City,” people from all around the world will attend the The Future of Bitcoin conference. The event will include many speakers, presentations, panels, and exhibits held in the beautiful surroundings of the Dutch province Gelderland. The Future of Bitcoin will be held at the WTC-Arnhem center and aims to be the perfect environment for cryptocurrency developers, researchers, industry executives and enthusiasts to connect and network.

The Future of Bitcoin Conference Begins in the Netherlands ‘Bitcoin City’
Ryan X Charles discusses Bitcoin scaling issues with his project Yours Network.

Speakers at this year’s conference in Arnhem include well-known bitcoin entrepreneurs and developers such as Jihan Wu (Bitmain), Ryan X Charles (Yours Network), Andrew Stone (Bitcoin Unlimited), Jameson Lopp (Bitgo), Craig Wright (Nchain), Tomas van der Wansem (Bitcrust) and many more prominent blockchain experts and luminaries. There will be a wide array of topics as well such as — why Bitcoin needs multiple implementations, scaling solutions, fraud proofs, trustless off-chain micropayments, FSH blocks, and more.

“Researchers, developers, and representatives from the development community will share knowledge, research and showcase multiple implementations, providing unique views for The Future of Bitcoin,” explains conference organizers.

In addition to the open and inclusive conference, attendees will be able to experience the bitcoin friendly city of Arnhem which has over 100 merchants who accept bitcoin. There will be an event social gathering, a Friday night dinner event at the WTC-Arnhem, and a BBQ party tomorrow July 1st.

Bitcoin.com readers are encouraged to watch The Future of Bitcoin live stream today and tomorrow to hear from some of the movers and shakers within the decentralized cryptocurrency environment.

Are you attending The Future of Bitcoin conference in Arnhem? Let us know how the event is going in the comments below.

Images via The Future of Bitcoin conference, Bitcoin.com, and Youtube. 

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