News Telx SIM Card Wallet Adds Dash Enabling Direct In-SMS...

Telx SIM Card Wallet Adds Dash Enabling Direct In-SMS Transactions


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The Telx service has integrated Dash, providing a SIM card-based wallet enabling funds to be sent directly through text messages.

Announced this month, the Telx SIM card is a mobile service provider has added Dash, enabling users to send and receive Dash via text message without an internet connection. According to Telx founder and CEO Mark Penovich, the creation of a dedicated cryptocurrency phone number solves a key accessibility issue:

“Telx enables customers around the world to send cryptocurrency transactions via SMS with their first dedicated crypto phone number. No smart phone, internet connection, app or long wallet address’s required.

At Telx our goal is to make transacting digital currency as easy and accessible as possible. This means creating solutions that technical and non technical people alike can adopt. We believe there is tremendous synergy between payments and messaging.”

Notably, Telx allows users to send and receive Dash directly in a text messaging conversation, without requiring a user to text a separate number or use a separate service.

Growing list of phone-integrated Dash services

Telx joins a growing list of Dash-supporting services integrated directly into mobile phones. Dash Text, the original Dash-exclusive SMS-based wallet service, recently expanded its service area to Spain, as well as a host of new countries supported for its integration into the popular Telegram messaging app. KRIP Mobile phones come pre-loaded with Dash wallets and supporting apps, as well as a small amount of Dash, enabling a user to begin using Dash immediately. A growth to 10,000 active Dash wallets in Venezuela recently has been partially attributed to the success of KRIP phones.

The growing use case of in-messaging payments

The Telx integration particularly advances the use case of sending Dash directly in message threads without the need to use a separate app from the messenger or even switch out of a current conversation in order to send and receive funds. This significantly reduces barriers to trying a new payment technology by cutting down the steps necessary to send transactions, bringing Dash use one step closer to a seamless experience.

This approach is also used in the Adamant messaging app. Added earlier this month, Adamant is a blockchain-based privacy-focused encrypted messaging app which recently integrated Dash. All messages take place as transactions on-chain, and users are automatically set up with a multi-coin cryptocurrency wallet, including a Dash wallet. Funds can be sent to and from users directly inside of a message thread similar to Telx.



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