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China asks U.S. to amend 7-year ZTE business ban

(Reuters) — China has asked the United States to amend a seven-year ban on American companies selling components and software to Chinese telecom...

Watch blockchain disrupt the real world

Presented by Waves Blockchain is a revolution in technology, a grassroots phenomenon that’s gone from being a curiosity for nerds and cryptoanarchists to...

Trusted Key Solutions raises $3 million for blockchain digital identity

Trusted Key Solutions has raised $3 million to advance its blockchain technology to create secure digital identities for enterprise customers. Seattle-based Trusted Key...

MobileBridge launches Momentum to replace loyalty points with cryptocurrency

Loyalty programs are essential for retailers. In a recent study, almost all consumers (94.4 percent) said they would use a mobile wallet more...

Andra Capital launches blockchain-based fund via Silicon Valley Coin

Despite the massive growth of blockchain technology projects and associated cryptocurrencies, venture funding has primarily remained traditional.  We’ve seen some examples of blockchain...

Blockchain startup Game Loot Network proposes another alternative app store

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have potential to upset the status quo in games, and so, yet another startup, Game Loot Network, is proposing to use...

Coming to grips with compliance and regulation for cryptocurrency traders

Presented by Blockchain Terminal Cryptocurrencies are more than just a new asset class; they are a new investment paradigm. In a few short years the...

Wemark embeds blockchain in stock photography to connect artists directly with customers

Stock photography is big business. Shutterstock reported its revenue increased by 12.7 percent to $557.1 million in 2017, and Getty Images’ income for the 12...

IBM will use blockchain to verify diamond and gold jewelry authenticity

Blockchain has come in handy as a way to trace the origin of objects transparently and securely. That’s why IBM has formed a consortium...

Apple CEO will meet with President Trump to stave off China trade war

One day after his unexpected attendance at a White House state dinner for French President Emmanuel Macron, Apple CEO Tim Cook will meet directly...

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