Monday, July 22, 2019
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Bank of America’s Latest Feature Advances Transition from Mainstream Banking to Cryptocurrency

Reddit user TheCryptomath recently posted an internal image from Bank of America’s systems showing a cryptocurrency training session. ...

Dash “Halvening” Occurs, Eases Transition to Fee Sustainability

Yesterday, Dash decreased its block rewards by another 7.14%, which allows the network to mitigate inflation while also easing the transition to a...

Global Transition From Fiat To Crypto Is Imminent, Says Billionaire Tim Draper

Billionaire investor in Skype, Hotmail and Tesla says that people around the world will eventually choose crypto and Bitcoin over the government-controlled fiat.In a...

Bitcoin Markets Increasingly Reflect Global Transition Towards ‘The Asian Century’

A resurgence in Chinese Bitcoin trading volume following...

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