Sunday, August 18, 2019
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Digitex Futures CEO Adam Todd: Never give up

Digitex Futures CEO Adam Todd: Never give up

Adam Todd is the CEO & Founder of Digitex Futures, a zero-fee non-custodial cryptocurrency futures exchange. Adam wants to lower the barrier to trading...

Peter Todd Argues For Bitcoin Inflation To Support Security

Peter Todd, a Bitcoin Core developer that previously supported 1 MB blocks and removing Gavin Andresen from the Bitcoin development team, has said...

Max Keiser, Peter Todd Debate Bitcoin in Space Post-Blockstream Announcement

Bitcoin Core developer Peter Todd has said large-scale extraterrestrial Bitcoin mining is “not as crazy as it sounds.” Retweeting economist Max Keiser, who suggested “many...

Vitalik Buterin and Peter Todd Go Head to Head in the Crypto Culture Wars

Tesla and Edison, Hayek and Keynes, Jobs and Gates. Like protons and electrons, great inventions tend to have rivalries, usually based...