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Danny Deng on China’s blockchain future · TechNode

Blockchain in China is entering into a “government-led mode,” according to certain commentators. The government is increasingly investing into the technology with Hangzhou announcing...

Sohu News manager to leave for Sohu-funded blockchain project · TechNode

Sohu News General Manager Cai Mingjun will leave the company at the end of April to start a blockchain project,...

Stark views on blockchain, AI and IoT at GMIC 2018 · TechNode

A wide range of stark and contrasting opinions on the future interplay of blockchain, AI, and IoT were shared during a series of panels...

China’s lesser-known tech hub Fujian Province joins blockchain craze

China’s southeastern coastal province Fujian has announced a regional policy that encourages local tech companies and startups to adopt blockchain...

Blockchain entering ‘government-led mode’ with Shenzhen blockchain fund launch · TechNode

Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley of hardware, has announced the official launch of its first venture capital fund focusing on blockchain. The...

A Chinese research body just admitted that cryptocurrency bans are difficult · TechNode

A representative from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) has said that cryptocurrencies are challenging to ban, but are worth experimenting with in...

Pony Ma announces medical blockchain project in Guangxi · TechNode

Pony Ma, chairman and founder of Tencent, said that the Tencent Blockchain (腾讯区块链, also called as TrustSQL) will be used in medical treatment so...

Taiwan needs regulators to step up on blockchain · TechNode

Blockchain, one of the emerging disruptive forces alongside AI and big data, is revolutionizing our financial systems, industries, and cities to their core. As...

China announces yet another crackdown against cryptocurrencies · TechNode

China’s central bank has announced that there will be another crackdown on all type of cryptocurrencies this year, our sister site...

The world’s first blockchain toothbrush lets you mine coins by brushing your teeth ·...

Blockchain is the biggest buzzword of the year. However, we are just now beginning to see what silly creative ways will this technology be...

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