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Bitcoin – What Is the Future of the Cryptocurrency that Started It All as...

Bitcoin recently turned 10 years old. It was back in 2008 that a whitepaper started doing the rounds among online cypherpunk circles. This whitepaper,...
domuscoin ico news

DomusCoins Ready To Launch ICO – New Crypto Platform Backs its Cryptocurrency With Existing...

Pre-Launch bonus of 10% live now. The DomusCoins ICO will make it possible for everybody to invest in Real Estate regardless of income. Dubai, UAE,...
traxion ICO news logo

Crypto “Bank-In-A-Wallet” Platform Traxion Launches an ICO And Seals A Coop Deal

With the latest technology of blockchain and its ever-changing value propositions, many financial experts predict traditional banking will reach its end in 10-15 years....
Metatoken featured

Tip Your Friends in Seconds With META

Transparent and faster transactions built on Metaverse blockchain. 10x faster, 1000x cheaper than BTC and ETH. The high cost of sending Bitcoin ($150 a transaction)...

Crypt2Pos – Crypto Currency Payments For All Needs

Cryptocurrency payment becomes more and more popular because of its convenience and simplicity. There are two reasons why it is not widely used: unclear...
ICO Investing

What Factors to Consider Before Investing in a Coin

Cryptocurrency investments are the new craze! While ‘investments’ used to be a thing that the youth weren’t really involved in, cryptocurrencies have brought quite...
bitcoin millionaire

Can Bitcoin still make you a millionaire?

Gone are the days when people had limited investment opportunities. These days the opportunities are so many. We’re humans and we would always want...
ValueCash ICO Logo

ValueCash Launches ICO Backed By Decentralized & Self-Governing Blockchain That Allows Users To Earn...

Many credit card companies offer the moon to consumers such as free gifts or reward spending programs, but those perks seemed to be missing...
TokenHome Logo ICO

The TokenHome ICO is About to Launch Changing The Worldwide Real Estate Industry Overnight

The ICO TokenHome is a real-estate development for the purchase and rental of tourist units in the province of Malaga, Spain. Malaga, Spain, February 14,...
leatherup logo accepts bitcoin ,litecoin, ethereum

LeatherUp.com Announces Plans To Accept Cryptocurrency

Bikers can now purchase their leather motorcycle accessories using digital currency.   Las Vegas, Nevada, February 17, 2018, LeatherUp.com, one of the largest retailers of...

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