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Ripple Nears $12 Bln Market Cap, Surpasses Ethereum Again. For How Long?

Ripple has done it again. With a 24.2 percent 24-hour increase, it surpassed Ethereum to become the world’s second largest cryptocurrency. However, investors are...

Ripple Market Capitalization Soars, Surges Past Ethereum

Ripple tokens have hit a massive upswing in...

Daily Analysis: Oil Surges on OPEC-Deal Extension as Ripple Tests Highs

Monday Market Recap Asset Current Value Daily Change S&P 500 2397 -0.43% DAX 12760 -0.05% WTI Crude Oil 49.55 3.24% GOLD 1235.00 0.60% Bitcoin...

Perceived Value of Ripple Developer Contributions is 3x Higher Than Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s

Developers have always been a rather hot commodity in the world of cryptocurrency. Every original blockchain has its own team of developers and engineers...

Ripple Overtakes Ethereum Again: Reasons & Trends

Last week, Blockchain transfer token Ripple claimed second spot on CoinMarketCap, however, the reign was brief. In fact, smart contract pioneer Ethereum came back...

Ripple Consensus Ledger Is up for an Upgrade

Ripple, the cryptocurrency and its underlying protocol that has been making waves in the global financial infrastructure are undergoing further improvements. Ripple Consensus Ledger...

Ripple Consensus Ledger Is Getting More Decentralized

It is evident Ripple is focusing on decentralization as much as any other project in the cryptocurrency world. The developers...

Ripple Network Transaction Throughput Matches Visa’s

Even though a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts readily dismiss Ripple, the project has a lot of interesting traits working in...

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