Hackers threatened Costa Rica’s health system by demanding $5 billion in bitcoin

On Tuesday, Costa Rica's healthcare system was targeted by hackers known as "Hive Ransomware Group" who, after encrypting the social security agency's servers, demanded...

The Skyscraper That Turns Billions of Profits From Cryptocurrencies To Fiat Money

When online detectives spotted the millions of dollars paid by U.S. companies, hospitals, and city governments to online extortionists as ransom (ransomware), they made...

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WazirX Halts Deposits and Withdrawals Following Massive $235M Hack

Cryptocurrency exchange WazirX has stopped processing deposits and withdrawals after suffering a $235 million hacker attack.

New Financial Systems: Surveillance and Tokenization Threaten Inclusion

The new financial governance system promises inclusion but raises serious exclusion fears.Digital IDs and blockchain technology could lead to...

REPORT: Crypto Trading Surges: US and Europe Lead the Market in 2024

Global cryptocurrency trading volume is estimated to exceed $108 trillion in 2024.The United States is the leading country in...

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