Monday, July 22, 2019
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No, PewDiePie is not an antisemitic crypto-fascist – he is more clever than that

The liberal establishment would love nothing more than to “cancel” YouTube’s most popular personality for being a closet Nazi, but PewDiePie presents a moving...

YouTuber Claims PewDiePie May Be Backing a Cryptocurrency SCAM

Stopping short of making actual accusations against the live streaming service, the vlogger warned that “there’s a lot of shady stuff” related to the...

Fans Agog: PewDiePie to Go LIVE on Blockchain Upstart Amid YouTube Ban Petition

The Swedish independent content creator has already won the hearts and minds of almost 94 million YouTube users, and now he's trying to gain...

PewDiePie To Stream On Blockchain Via DLive

YouTube’s biggest (and perhaps most controversial) star will now stream his weekly show on a decentralized platform, DLive, which is built on the Lino...

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