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Amazon Will Soon Accept Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin, through the lightning network, will soon be available as an option to pay on Amazon and other eCommerce sites,...

JPMorgan To Expand Blockchain Use For Payments

JPMorgan Chase is planning to expand its use of blockchain technology to improve the banking industry’s payment system, as well as get FinTechs to experiment...

Dash Text Expands SMS-enabled Dash Payments to Colombia, Strengthens Remittance Corridor

The popular Venezuelan SMS Dash payment method, Dash Text, is now expanding its services to Colombia with Claro, Movistar, Tigo, Avantel carriers, which...

Japan Considers Bitcoin Payments for Subway and Railway Use

East Japan Railway Company as a team with cloud and web access supplier IIJ may enable a huge number of Japanese metro riders to...

Bitcoin Now Accepted for Tax Payments in This Canadian Town

  The residents of Innisfil, a small Canadian town whose population barely exceeds 36,000 people, will now be able to pay their taxes in Bitcoin...

Cross-Border Payments Look To Blockchain, Beyond

It may seem that cross-border payments were in the … well … crosshairs this past week, with a number of country-by-country and company-by-company initiatives...

Can Crypto Solve Cannabis Payments Problem?

Legalized cannabis has a huge cash payments problem – as in, operators have too much, given federal restrictions in the U.S. that have largely...

Digitec Galaxus Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments And Looks To Educate Its Customers

Given the laid-back nature of the rollout, it sure looks like Digitec Galaxus did it for the lols.The Swiss online retailer group, Digitec Galaxus...

Stellar Challenges The Traditional Payments System SWIFT

Stellar was recently in the spotlight after XLM got listed on Coinbase Pro.IBM’s Stellar-powered global remittance platform boasts six banks on board.The tech giant...

IBM debuts blockchain network for cross-border payments – FinTech Futures

IBM has unveiled a global blockchain network, Blockchain World Wire, that will...

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